A New Generation of Wi-Fi – Wi-Fi 6

A New Generation of Wi-Fi – Wi-Fi 6

Wi-Fi 6 has made its debut in 2020. The impact it is going to have on existing Wi-Fi, certainly, will make the Wi-Fi network move faster and we are going to experience a whole new spectrum of strong, reliable, and fast Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi 6 is also called 802.11ac taking it technically it is a newer version of old Wi-Fi that was 802.11. One should not consider Wi-Fi 6 as a new way to connect with the Internet as it was with optic fiber rather than it is an upgraded version for standard and compatible Wi-Fi devices specially Routers, which will now be able to transmit wireless Wi-Fi signals more efficiently.

The name Wi-Fi 6 is given to this because it is the sixth version of first-ever developer Wi-Fi, which was 802.11. Wi-Fi 6 is already available in markets in the Routers of most popular brands like Ubiquity, Asus, Net Gear, Cisco, and also TP-Link. Among the phones, Samsung Galaxy S 10 and the iPhone 11 and later versions are now sporting Wi-Fi 6. And surely we will be able to see the next generations for our laptops, streaming devices, and smart Wi-Fi home devices will also be having Wi-Fi 6 enabled in them.


To get the maximum output, you need to change your devices by having Wi-Fi 6 routers. If you managed to get the only router with old devices. You can’t experience the difference in speed much.

A lot of tests are made concerning the transfer speed of Wi-Fi 6. It is 30% faster than its last version Wi-Fi 5. But in some circumstances, it has also given more output. For example, in a test where distance was only 5 feet from the device. It has given 60% more transfer speed than Wi-Fi 5.

Wi-Fi 6 is not your ISP:

One more thing that is to be considered is that Wi-Fi 6 is not going to speed up the speed of your Internet from the end of your Internet service provider (ISP). If someone wants to have the full benefit of Wi-Fi 6. He has to get a high-speed Internet connection from ISP, but right now, most of our ISP plans of Internet speed does not match our requirement.

Wi-Fi 6 will be able to communicate with your Wi-Fi devices fast and more efficiently. The access points of Wi-Fi 6 would be able to give equal and fast speed to multiple receiving devices at the same time. Because it will be able to get and send a lot of information with every single signal.

Comparison with Wi-Fi 5:

To understand this we had to make a comparison with Wi-Fi 5. In 2013 Wi-Fi 5 was released, and there transmitting power was measured as 256-QAM. This led the devices to send, a digits binary at once. This thing has revolutionized our Wi-Fi devices and we were able to watch videos by spending very less time on buffering. It was a huge success and time-saving.

Wi-Fi 6 is introduced in the market with the transmitting power of 1024-QAM letting the devices send a 10 digit binary with each and every transmission. It will be a great advantage for 4K streams and as well as augmented reality apps to work without any hesitation.

Target Wake Time:

Wi-Fi 6 access points are also bringing one new feature Target Wake Time for our Wi-Fi devices. These access points will be smart for scheduling our devices for time to wake up and request information. This will be a great help for these devices from interfering with each other and it will also be saving a lot of their batteries. So your Wi-Fi 6 router would be a kind of cop for all the smart wireless Internet devices working at your home.

At the moment devices and routers enabled with Wi-Fi 6 are quite costly. Maybe we can wait up to the next year for some good deals or if we have a real genuine need. Then there is no harm in spending some money on Wi-Fi 6.

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