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Program Summary

The Alberta Basic Security Training program provides participants with the knowledge they need to be certified under Alberta’s Security Services and Investigator’s Act. This certification is mandatory for anyone in the province of Alberta who wants to work in a role where they are responsible for the protection and security of an organization’s property, personnel and information. Over the course of this one-week training program, participants gain an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of security professionals, alongside federal and provincial security regulations, effective crisis communications strategies, and personal and professional safety strategies.

Bay River College’s ABST program covers seven essential modules, preparing participants for the provincial certification exam and their future careers. Upon the completion of the training course, participants will have the working knowledge, empowering them for employment at a variety of security organizations across Alberta and most of western Canada.

Two security guards, representing the ABST program
A security guard watching over an escalator.


Successful completion of the ABST program and exam is required to work in a variety of security-related fields in Alberta, including in site security services, surveillance, private investigation, loss prevention, bodyguard and executive security roles, and dog patrol services.
The ABST certification is regulated by the government of Alberta, and is recognized, in certain circumstances, in British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.


The ABST program is a mandatory training program for individuals interested in working in security services within the province of Alberta.  Anyone who wishes to work in security services, loss prevention, private investigation and other, related fields are required to have completed both the 40-hour in-class training course, and to have passed the provincial licence exam. 

The ABST course takes place over the course of a single 5-day work week. Classes begin and 9 a.m. and run until 5 p.m. 

Start dates are dynamic, and depend on the availability of our students and instructors. Please sign up to receive notifications of our upcoming courses.

The Alberta Basic Security Training program consists of seven modules:

  •  Introduction to the Professional Security Industry
  • The Canadian Legal System for Security Professionals
  • Basic Security Procedures
  • Communication for Security Professionals
  • Documentation and Evidence
  • Emergency Response Procedures for Security Professionals
  • Workplace Health and Safety for Security Professionals

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