Alberta Heritage Day

Alberta Heritage Day

In many countries of the world, people celebrate a day of a year as their heritage day. In Alberta, people celebrate the first Monday of August every year as an Alberta Heritage Day. There are different events and ways the people of Alberta celebrate this day which also makes Albertans unique and special.

Alberta is a place holding a vast verity of different cultures and races, the people of Alberta celebrate this diversity, each year, with Heritage Day. This day was first announced as a Heritage day in 1974 by the Alberta Government, it shows the Albertans welcoming nature, which is not very common nowadays. People of Alberta celebrate this day in different manners, some take off from there workplaces and spend this day with their families and friends by visiting historical places especially museums, where special events being arranged according to the day. The heritage of Alberta also has an annual observance which celebrates this day by arranging a three days festival, thousands of people also attend this. People invite their extended families to get-together and talk about their family history. This makes their relationships more strong and valuable, and make the next generations to get to their history and values.

This day becomes more joyful when every year there is a different theme to celebrate this day. Heritage Canada Foundation pick a different theme every year to celebrate the day, in 2015 they decided to promote the business hubs of the province, they decorated the streets of the region from where the province get most of the business every year. They also launched an awareness campaign to promote the importance of business districts in the region.

As mentioned earlier that every year 3 days festival takes place, in which different stalls are arranged to display a verity of stuff from different communities to show the versatility of the people living in Alberta. People present a great verity of artwork and their special foods from different communities on sale, it is the best way to introduce a community to other communities.

There are plenty of other cultural shows arranged by several communities in the province. In short, this day is a very enjoyable day for all Albertans to get to know about their inheritance, family history, and values.

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