Applied Clinical Research

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520 hours

Field Placement

280 hours

In Canada, graduates working as

Health Policy Researchers, Consultants and Program Officers

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Applied Clinical Research Post Graduate Diploma

Bay River College offer post-graduate diploma program in Clinical Research. Students will learn diverse research design theories and models, in-depth analysis, and the quality reassurance required for day-to-day operations in the vast field of clinical research. You will thoroughly evaluate clinical studies across the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors. In this practical program, students will have an opportunity to work alongside professionals and gain a competitive advantage in this dynamic field.


Our mission is to prepare students to contribute to and succeed in the field of clinical research by providing exceptional theoretical, technical, and hands-on experience with industry professionals. Our vision is to establish innovative content and required skills for students to meet the unique needs of the global workforce in clinical research. We strive to ensure our students are work-ready upon graduation through collaborative partnerships. To leverage student’s expertise in the working industry, we provide practicum opportunities for them to work alongside professionals. The practicum placement will allow students to apply theoretical knowledge into practice, to solve real clinical problems, and to adopt responsibilities of clinical research procedures. Additionally, students will gain a competitive advantage by expanding their network through interaction with peers, faculties, and colleagues. Upon graduation, students will equip to make the transition from college to work and to achieve their ambitions effectively and confidently.

Duration and What to Expect

In this one-year course, learners carry out comprehensive analysis and quality assurance of daily functions in multiple clinical trial development procedures for medical and health products. Working in a professional industry, you will learn to adopt roles and responsibilities within several clinical research procedures. Here’s what you will learn:

Become a Clinical Researcher

As a Clinical Researcher, you are required to collect and deliver information during clinical trials. One central component is supervising the large clinical trials which are quite similar to handling major projects. Students will learn to develop and polish improved project management skills. You will need to deliver uncompromised information to regulatory establishments. You are expected to inform patients and doctors regarding the trial proceedings and demonstrate your findings through reports, presentations, and research papers.

Career Opportunities in Clinical Research

Upon graduation, students will have several opportunities to work in consulting institutions, government sectors, research establishments, colleges and universities, healthcare agencies and hospitals, community firms, non-governmental organizations, and worldwide establishments. Here are a few options, you may want to consider:

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