Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the Doctors

Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the Doctors

Let’s start with a simple question. If you have two options for doctors. One is human and the second is a robot with artificial intelligence. Both can perform all required medical procedures which one will you prefer? In most cases, the answer will be a human doctor.

If you are told that the accuracy of robot doctors is 95% and it is 75% in human. The fact will force you to think once more. The next answer might go in the favor of robot. So, and near-future patients will be given this option of preference. AI will be able to examine you and recommend medicine.

Research had made it clear that our software based on artificial intelligence was able to diagnose cancer, many years before it was diagnosed conventionally. In future AI, doctors will be able to detect and evaluate small and minute details of patients which the human eye can’t.

The AI robots doctors would be able to predict for the future of human health. Even they can diagnose your babies before birth. These medical robots will also be available online. The patients can consult them without going to the hospital. They will ask related questions to your problem and prescribe medicine for you. If the disease is serious and a patient is needed to be admitted they can recommend you to pay a visit to the hospital. Even if they will detect it as an emergency, they will immediately contact the ambulance service to bring you to the hospital.

All these things will be possible with the algorithms that they are installed with. Robots with medical artificial intelligence would be able to learn any new advancement or invention in the medical field.

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