Become a Pharmacy Assistant – Its Pros and Cons

Become a Pharmacy Assistant - Its Pros and Cons

Become a Pharmacy Assistant – Its Pros and Cons

Pharmacy assistants are aides to pharmacists and technicians. They help to prepare and dispense medicines. 

Are you considering the profession of Pharmacy Assistant?

Do you want to find about about the daily routines that you will face during the course of your job? And the most important question: Should you become a pharmacy assistant and put your efforts into this field?

You have come to the right place to seek all your answers regarding this profession. 

Here, we have broken down all the merits and demerits of working in this field.  

Pros of becoming a pharmacy assistant

1. Fast-paced training and early entry into practical life.

The biggest concern for most of the students is when they will get to enter practical life. Some professions don’t facilitate an early career start. However, that is not the case with the Pharmacy Assistant Diploma. This program will allow you to immediately begin your professional life after graduating. 

The Pharmacy Assistant diploma can be completed in a short span of time. But this short course duration doesn’t mean you will be getting any breaks. This program can be challenging and you might even have to study full time. 

The Curriculum of this diploma involves familiarizing yourself with pharmacy-related software and compounding prescriptions. 

After you have completed your diploma, you can start applying for a job and will easily get employed. 

2. You will help to change people’s lives. 

As a pharmacy assistant, you will regularly interact with people. This customer interaction is a huge part of the job. As a general consensus, this is also the most loved part of this job. 

Interacting with people from diverse backgrounds will be stimulating and it will also help you to improve your communication skills. 

Getting to know regular clients will put you on a first-name basis with them and you can better understand their problems. With compassion and good care, you will be able to make positive changes in their life. Giving them the courage to move on will lift their spirits and will help them to heal faster.

This is primarily the reason why pharmacy assistants are often the face of a pharmacy. Pharmacists and doctors usually don’t interact with people that much and that is why people are more friendly towards pharmacy assistants and consult them to understand their dosages and medicinal information. 

Even though this seems like a lot of work, you will be performing a great public service to the community. 

3. The daily routines are not monotonous.

As a pharmacy assistant, you will have a lot of responsibilities. 

Your daily responsibilities might include:

  • Measuring the right amount of solutions.
  • Preparing the intravenous lines or the IV.
  • Making ointments and balms etc.
  • Maintaining the records

Additionally, your obligations can encompass inventory checks and helping patients to choose pharmacy products. 

All this can seem a bit hectic but it will definitely keep you on your toes. Your life won’t ever feel devoid of meaning that’s for sure. 

Another advantage of training as a pharmacy assistant is that you can be employed in a retail pharmacy as well as a hospital. Pharmacy assistants in hospitals have more interactions with doctors and nurses while retail pharmacy is more client-oriented and you will usually interact with customers more. 

You can choose whichever work environment fits you the best. 

Cons of becoming a pharmacy assistant

1. You will have to walk around a lot.

Most of the pharmacy assistants will agree that they get tired at their job. One of the reasons for this is that you will be spending a lot of time moving around or standing.

Tasks that can keep you on the move include taking inventory and re-stocking it, interacting with customers and making prescriptions. 

If you feel that you get tired easily then this career option might be a bit difficult for you. 

2. You will remain busy and will tire out often

If you have ever been to a well-reputed pharmacy then you will know that the employees are rarely free and not rushing about. With a lot of tasks under your belt, you will always be occupied.

Often times you will find yourself engaged with customers while other times you will be preparing their prescriptions or updating their files. 

Furthermore, you will be keeping an eye on the inventory and will be assisting your supervisor. 

One thing is for sure. There will be enough variations in your day to day routines that you won’t ever feel bored. 

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