Being a Pharmacy Assistant – 4 Essential Qualities

Being a Pharmacy Assistant

Being a Pharmacy Assistant – 4 Essential Qualities

The pharmaceutical industry is rapidly growing and outpacing other areas of healthcare. If you are interested and passionate to join this industry, working as a pharmacy assistant might appeal to you. Here are some essential qualities that will help you become a great pharmacy assistant (PA):

  1. To Have Excellent Communication Skills

Communication is one of the most essential qualities of a pharmacy assistant to work in a collaborative environment. In the day-to-day operation, Pharmacy assistants are responsible to assist pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to deliver accurate information to co-workers and  patients. Therefore, proper communication is one of the critical parts for PAs to get the job done effectively. Excellent communication skills help PA to provide good customer service and to increase work efficiency with other co-workers in the team.

2. Attention to Detail is important in Pharmacology

On a daily basis, Pharmacy assistants are responsible for preparing and packaging prescribed medication, managing and updating patient information, accessing and processing paperwork, and so on. All of these responsibilities require PAs to pay extreme attention to detail as the proper medication is significantly important for patient health.

3. Show your Patience to Patients

When you are working in the health care industry, you are most likely to interact with people who are often sick. It is easy to help patients with doctor’s prescribed notes. But, how do you help patients that need non-prescribed medications? How do you help patients who are embarrassed to talk about their symptoms? Being approachable and patience is the key to solve these problems. Showing your patience and caring can make a huge difference for people. It will help patients to open up to talk about their symptoms and then you will get a better idea to help them.

4. To Have Strong Ethics

On the one hand, Pharmacy assistants need to familiarize themselves with the most up-to-date provincial regulations and health care standards. On the other hand, pharmacy assistants will need to know how to identify illegal prescriptions and potential prescription drug abuse. In addition, do not afraid to tell your mistakes if you know something is done wrong.

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