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Bay River College Enters Into Partnership with the Punjab Higher Education Commission

After a meeting with Bay River College’s president, Mr. Arshad Mahmood, Bay River College is honoured to announce new programs to be developed in collaboration with the Punjab Higher Education Commission and Punjab University.

Why Health Care Aide Professionals Consider Their Work To Be One Of The Most Rewarding Careers

There are many different things to consider when choosing a career, and this decision should not be taken lightly. You will spend a lot of time working during your lifetime, so it is essential to find a career that is not only right for you but also fulfilling in every aspect. Part of maintaining a long […]

Career Options for Students Pursuing Computer Systems & Network Specialist Programs

Why An Educational Assistant Is In High Demand In Alberta

Working as an educational assistant offers exposure to different experience and can make a tremendous difference in the lives of children in school. This job is also called special education assistant and involves working with children who have learning disabilities and other special needs. Most of the time this is working in a school under […]

What Employers Look for in a Qualified Unit Clerk and Medical Office Administrator

Focusing on becoming a medical office administrator and unit clerk provides a series of personal and professional accomplishments when it comes to making a difference in other peoples lives. Pairing the desire for working in a fulfilling career with an expertise program allows individuals to excel in this field. With the proper training and the […]

How To Optimize Your Time Studying Using These 6 Tips

If you want to understand your area of studying, you are required to make sure you know the ins and outs of topics and specifics of the content. Some learners struggle with attaining the highest level of concentration, which can make it more difficult to internalize what you are trying to learn. When this happens, […]

Emerging Environmental Technologies

Why Cyber-security is One of the Most In-Demand Careers Across the Nation, In Every Industry

Cybersecurity is a must, and overall, cybersecurity specialists are severely lacking across the world. In a world where technology is always in flux, constantly changing and improving, the threat to those technological advances is ever more significant. It is now more critical than ever to take the time to create proper cybersecurity. With this new […]

A Day in the Life of a Unit Clerk and Medical Office Admin

One of the most sought after jobs in the medical field is that of a medical office Admin. The position involves running the administrative and logistical aspects of a busy office and making life easier for the doctors. It is almost impossible for a medical office to run without a professional to tie together the […]

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March 15, 2020 update – Bay River College Calgary Campus.