Career as a Pharmacy Assistant – Things to Be Considered

Career as a Pharmacy Assistant - Things to Be Considered

A career as a pharmacy assistant is the shortest way to start a job in the healthcare Department. Even the diploma needed for pharmacy assistants is among the shortest diplomas in healthcare. However, it is essential to consider all the aspects before pursuing any career because it will be a lifetime decision. In this blog, we will talk about the critical points related to this job, which involves career outlook, skills required, and the interests and goals of a person to become a pharmacy assistant.

Customer Service and Communication Skills:

The pharmacy assistants are considered the face of pharmacy. This job requires greeting the customers, answering the phone calls, helping the customers with their queries concerning the products, keeping cash registers up to date, and preparing prescriptions for patients. However, working at a hospital pharmacy the pharmacy assistants also help out the nurses and doctors in preparing IVs and prescriptions for patients.

So, as this job is all about customer service and communication, the candidate needs to be social, patient, easy to talk to, and compassionate. A person without these skills cannot fit his career.

Detail Oriented and Organized:

The essential task for a pharmacy assistant is based on minor details of the prescription. So, being a detailed oriented and organized is considered positive energy for this career. The pharmacy assistant should focus on the tasks by remembering all the procedures and steps involved in prescription and medications. Sometimes even small details matter a lot. The pharmacy assistant must process prescriptions, make compound solutions, manage inventory, count tablets, and measure dosages accurately. Moreover, several other tasks need attention to minor details. Most importantly, the hospital pharmacies and community pharmacies will have to follow strict codes and protocols, including operating procedures. The pharmacy assistant must be able to follow them accurately.

IT skills:

Starting a career as a pharmacy assistant doesn’t require being an expert in IT. However, it is essential to learn about some basic software and respective computer skills to become successful in this career.

The most common software systems being used by pharmacies are Nexxsys and Pro-Pharm to perform several tasks. The pharmacy assistant will be using these computer systems and software daily. They are required to update patients’ records, generate labels of prescriptions, record suppliers and doctor information, and manage inventory. Fortunately, our college XYZ offers a pharmacy assistant training program to teach you how to use this software with hands-on practice. Nevertheless, learning the new technology with its advancement will always be needed in this career.


A pharmacy assistant needs to have a genuine interest in pharmacology. This includes learning and getting information about brand-name drugs, government regulations, generic drugs, compounding and over-the-counter products. Moreover, no interest in this knowledge and about these topics cannot give job satisfaction. Once the pharmacy assistant is at work will have to help the clients to understand the description of the product and its usage.

Long-Standing Hours:

Pharmacy assistants need to keep standing on their feet for long hours. This practice certainly requires good physical stamina. In case of backache or joint issues, the job as a pharmacy assistant will not be favourable.

Pharmacy assistants need to be very active because of perform multiple tasks with a high level of productivity.

Demand for Pharmacy Assistant:

Making a research about the demand of any career before selecting it is very important. This practice can save you from wasting time and money to study a career out of demand. So in the case of pharmacy assistants, it is necessary to research job opportunities around you.

The government of Canada had initiated the project named Job Bank, providing a career outlook for every profession in Canada. In the case of pharmacy aides, there is a three-star re-employment growth rate everywhere in Canada, showing that the demand for the profession is good and will remain in the coming years.

Best Available Pharmacy Assistant Course:

Considering all the critical factors, the next step is to how to become a pharmacy assistant. Bay River College is offering a very comprehensive diploma program for pharmacy assistants. It will take only 34 weeks with 200 hours of internship in the local pharmacy.

The renowned hospitals, retail pharmacy and health care facilities, including pharmaceutical manufacturers, are hiring our graduates as soon as they complete their course. In case of any further query feel free to consult our admission advisors. They are available 24/7 and can also give you proper counselling.

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