Career Facts for Community Support Worker

Career facts for community support worker

Career Facts for Community Support Worker

Do you have a strong sense of empathy and social justice? Do you want to make a positive  impact on someone’s life? Do you want to help, advise, and support disadvantaged individuals to  grow? If you say yes to all these questions without doubt, then you would be a perfect candidate  to work in the community service worker (CSW) field. CSWs work closely with individuals in  need of continuous assistance. For vulnerable people, CSW is their hero; as CSWs provide the  utmost support and care to them physically and psychologically. Read on to learn some career  facts for a Community Support Worker.  

1. Exciting Employment Opportunities  

According to research, in Alberta, there are 64% of CSW employers were recruited from 2017 to  2019. For the last four months, the employer with unfilled vacancies is as low as 7%. Moreover,  continuous government funding for social programs is driving the employment outlook to be  strong. Especially during this difficult time, a fair amount of job openings is expected in this  field as communities need more support to heal each other.  

2. A variety of Employment Options  

Once you have done relevant support worker training and obtained a community support worker  diploma or certificate, you can start a career in a variety of settings in the social work field;  including social service and government agencies, mental health agencies, youth facilities,  nursing and residential care facilities, and additional treatment centers.  

3. Job Variety  

Unlike other career sectors, community services give employees a huge selection of client areas  to work in. It means not only you can have an impact on the welfare of people, but also to  continue to grow and progress until you find your ideal niche. Client areas in the CSW sector  include:  

• Housing and Community development 
• Aged care  
• Child protection  
• Mental health and counselling  
• Family services  
• Disability services  

4. Key Qualities Needed  

We all know that education and practical skills are the essential components for building a  progressive career. However, working as a community support worker, you need to have certain  key qualities to help you enjoy your job while making a rewarding career. These key  characteristics and qualities include: 

• Empathy  
• Active listening  
• Social perceptiveness  
• Persuasion  
• Cooperative attitudes  

Interested to become a Community Support Worker?  

Apply for Bay River College’s Community Support Worker Diploma Program Today! In this 2- year program, students will learn how to create and maintain helpful relationships through  effective communication and interactive skills. Through course theories and practicum training,  students will equip with the knowledge and skills to get ready to join the social service field. 

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