Career Opportunities and Responsibilities in Applied Clinical Research

Career Opportunities and Responsibilities in Applied Clinical Research

Career Opportunities and Responsibilities in Applied Clinical Research

As more and more patients continue to suffer from COVID-19, to determine and produce specialized treatments like vaccines and or medicines becomes the priority of all clinical researchers. Simultaneously, it will lead to greater demand among healthcare and medicine sponsors to find and partner with high-calibre clinical research centers to work on new treatments. The urgent need for such specialized drugs causes patients, healthcare sponsors and or other people to rely on clinical research centers stronger than ever.  Relatively, it prompts clinical research centers in developing their technology and expanding the size of people to help to accelerate the clinical research process as well as clinical trials.

Career Opportunities of Applied Clinical Research Program

As applied clinical research program is one of the hottest working fields, it has a large scope for career opportunities. Once students finish the program, they will have a vast amount of opportunities to work in different corporations. For example, to work in consulting institutions, government sectors, research establishments, colleges and universities, healthcare agencies and hospitals, community firms, non-governmental organizations, and worldwide establishments. Some of the most in-demand jobs in the applied clinical research field are listed below:

  • Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Clinical Research Assistant
  • Clinical Research Project Manager
  • Medical Information Assistant
  • Clinical Data Administration Associate

Career Responsibilities in Applied Clinical Research

It is fun to explore and work in Applied Clinical Research field as this is a rapidly growing industry. If you choose to specialize to work as a clinical research coordinator (CRC), the key responsibilities are to support, facilitate and coordinate the daily clinical activities and play a critical role in the conduct of the study (AAPS, 2020). Further, by performing these duties, the CRC is responsible working with the Principle Investigator (PI), department, sponsor, and institution to support and provide guidance on the administration of the compliance, financial, personnel, and other related aspects of the clinical study (AAPS, 2020). As the ACR program covers a wide range of responsibilities, there will be a huge scope of careers and job opportunities.

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