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Ahmed Hassan Usmani earned his B.Sc. degree in Bio & Chemistry from the University of Punjab, Pakistan in 1985. He obtained his first MBA from Preston University, Islamabad in 1989, with a major in Marketing & Finance. To further advance the career, Ahmed Hassan obtained his second MBA from P.I.M.S.A.T. Karachi in 2003, with a major in Human Resource Management. 

Currently, Ahmed Hassan is working as a Country Manager of Roche Diagnostics Indonesia, having a dynamic 34-year track record of country management, marketing and sales management of Diagnostics and Pharmaceutical Industries in Centralized & Point of Care Solutions (CPS), Molecular Solutions (MS), Diabetes Care, and managed health care markets.

Ahmed Hassan has strong credentials in managing P&L, financial planning, investments & capital expenditure, monitoring & analysis, attainment of approved sales and profitability budgets to achieve the strategic objectives with values of integrity, courage & passion.  

While Ahmed Hassan was working as the Business Unit Director of Molecular Solutions in Pakistan, He has accomplished the following key achievements & distinctions. He took the business unit when Oral therapy was changing the horizon of treatment of HCV with very low cost and less need for monitoring or PCR testing, as the business of Molecular in Pakistan is principally HCV. Anticipating the change, he changed the business model. Although the main business was in the Private market; he planned to enter into the public sector; keeping into view social responsibility and in line with the government plan to control Hepatitis. 

Ahmed Hassan’s team won the highest value-wise tender in RDPK history (USD 2.49 M). This project “Hepatitis and Infection Control Program” was also selected as a finalist for Commercial Excellence Award 2017, for Excellence in Sales Execution. Ahmed Hassan’s team changed the dynamics of Molecular Testing in Pakistan. In August 2017, Pakistan was the second biggest Roche HCV Viral Load market in APAC, and fifth biggest globally with 5.4m CHF (YTD August 2017), this is in spite of the fact that based on GDP per capita, Pakistan is poorer than Uganda and Ethiopia.

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