Community Support Worker

2 Academic year | 55 weeks | 1100 Total Hrs | 840 Hrs Theory | 260 Hrs Field Placement

Program Summary

He Community Support Worker Program is designed for individuals seeking the knowledge and skills to enter the field of social services and draws upon the principles of sociology, psychology and other social sciences to counsel and assist individuals and their families in understanding and resolving their personal and social problems.

Part of the program will focus on understanding multicultural backgrounds, disabilities, gender, sexual orientation, family issues and substance abuse. From there, you will learn how to create and maintain helpful relationships through effective communication and interactive skills. You will be equipped to assess individual, family, group or community needs; set goals and develop appropriate intervention methods; implement strategies to increase clients’ problem-solving abilities as well as identify and mobilize community resources relevant to client needs.


It is recommended that CSW students voluntary spend around 260 hours of field experience.


Graduates of our Community Support Worker Program can expect to be eligible for a position as a counselor in a variety of settings in the social work field, including; mental health and domestic violence, youth facilities, halfway houses, correctional facilities, and drop-in centers.