CompTIA CTT+ Certification

Earning the CTT+ certification helps you with inclusive training standards to validate your skills both in the traditional and virtual learning environments. CompTIA’s Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+) certification acknowledges leading instructors. The examination evaluates the capabilities and expertise that trainers require to progressively compete in a teaching environment. The accreditation primarily covers the broad areas of course preparation, communication, presentation, facilitation, and evaluation.

CompTIA CTT+ Certification: What to Expect

Being a part of the technology industry, CTT+ corroborates the skills and credibility of expert instructors across both technical and non-technical settings. Aspiring candidates are required to pass two exams to earn certification. The exam includes theoretical and performance-based questions. The performance-based question evaluates your practical teaching skills to figure out how you will perform in a real classroom environment. Major knowledge areas and skill sets determined by the CompTIA CTT+ certification exam include:

  • Evaluating students’ backgrounds and institute requirements to plan and modify curriculum and goals.
  • Choosing high-end teaching techniques for both classroom and virtual courses.
  • Activities encourage learners’ discussions and participation.
  • Use of instructional media to engage students.
  • Understanding and employing verbal and non-verbal communication skills.
  • Creating a learner-centered environment free of any bias or destructive criticism.

Earn Certification in CompTIA CTT+

CompTIA CTT+ is recognized by worldwide tech organizations such as Adobe, Microsoft, IBM, Dell, and Cisco. The certification is demonstrable evidence that you are qualified to instruct their programs. The certified professional is a valued asset as a trainer with verified skills and knowledge. Teaching IT-related concepts is challenging since it is much more than simple rote knowledge. The certification comprises detailed training ensuring professionals are familiar with teaching technological information. Learners will determine how to prepare and evaluate training sessions. CTT+ teaches candidates how to instruct in advanced training facilities and use a blended approach with digital technologies.  

Career Outlook

In today’s world, the need for technology professionals is increasingly growing. According to the BLS, IT specialists are likely to increase by 5-9% every year by 2026. If you are looking forward to a progressive career, becoming an IT training specialist is worth considering. Here are a few career options you may want to choose:

  • High school computer science teacher
  • Technical trainer
  • IT customer support trainer

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