Are We Going To Convert Our Planet Into The Plastic Planet?

Are We Going To Convert Our Planet Into The Plastic Planet

Are We Going To Convert Our Planet Into The Plastic Planet?

Since 1994 use of plastic and plastic litter has increased 121%. Are we going to convert our planet into the plastic planet? Today, starting from the helmets of bicycles to the very packaging of our food, from bottles of water to our toothbrushes, plastic is playing its vital role. According to an estimate, factories have produced more plastic in the very first decade of 21st-century as compared to the entire 20th century.

We as human beings are floating our planet with plastic made things. As we know that plastic is not decomposed rather, it breaks into smaller pieces. Wildlife mainly sea life is getting worse effects of plastic when it gets contaminated with their food. Many tiny fragments of plastic we’re dumping in our oceans are so small that they appear food to small fish which are eaten by large fish and ultimately humans are also feeding on them.

According to a rough estimate, 600,000 plastic containers are dumped every day by ships overboard. Which gives us the idea of approximately 100,000,000 tons of plastic in the form of rubbish is sloshing our seas.

Nonetheless the same is the case on land. We are using so many plastics made things and dumping them every day making large heaps of rubbish, consisting of unrecyclable plastics. If this will continue with the same pace a day is near to name EARTH as a Planet of Plastic.

Choose Our Applied Environmental Technology Diploma

As a student, it is our moral duty to avoid and discourage the use of plastic. One can only follow these simple steps to play his part in getting rid of enormous plastic pollution.

  1. We should stop using bottled water in plastic bottles.
  2. We should encourage the use of reusable shopping bags.
  3. Even reusable containers could be used for takeout and leftovers.
  4. Try to always carry with you your stainless steel bottles and cups to drink water and have a cup of coffee.
  5. Stop using beverages, which comes in plastic bottles.
  6. Try to have fresh cakes wrapped in paper or without plastic containers.
  7. Try to carry a container when you are going to buy meat and for groceries.
  8. Even milk can be bought in reusable glass bottles.
  9. Strictly avoid straws and cutlery made up of plastic.
  10. We can replace plastic from our kitchens and bathrooms and homes, step-by-step.
  11. Try to get rid of plastic trash bags.
  12. Try to have ice cream cones instead of purchasing plastic containers of ice cream.
  13. In case of bread tried to buy fresh bread which came with paper bags or no bags.

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