1 Academic year  | 12 Months | 13 Modules


Cyber Security Post Graduate Diploma

Module I Cyber Security Building blocks 3 Weeks

Module II IT Infrastructure Technologies 3 Weeks

Module III Scripting for Hackers 3 Weeks

Module IV Offensive Security and Cyber Kill Chain 5 Weeks

Module V Cloud and Enterprise Security 5 Weeks

Module VI Application Security 5 Weeks

Module VII Blue Teaming & Cyber SOC 5 Weeks

Module VIII Blockchain for Cyber Security 3 Weeks

Module IX Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Cyber Security 3 weeks

Module X Regulatory Compliances in Cybersecurity 4weeks

Module XI Business and Cybersecurity 4 weeks

Module XII Critical Infrastructure Security 5 weeks

Module XIII Project: Cyber Range Assessment 4 Weeks


Hands-on Training

  • Architecture Enterprise Network using Cisco PPDIOO Lifecycle Approach
  • Write a Comprehensive program in each scripting language
  • Check compliance of security controls w.r.t International Standards/ Frameworks (ISO 27001)
  • Capture the Flag Competition
  • Pentest a Web Application server to find Vulnerabilities and securing it
  • ELK Lab Setup, Sysmon Lab Setup, Threat Hunting Demo
  • Write Python code using Blockchain and ML libraries
  • Design ICS Architecture

For Whom

Working professionals in IT / Analytics / Statistics / Big Data / Machine Learning

Fresh graduates from Engineering / Mathematics / IT backgrounds

Professionals looking to develop skills to do statistical analysis to support decision making

Total Credits -56

Career Opportunities

Accreditation: All courses are accreditation by DRPF and associated partners and international organizations.
All courses curriculum designed and approved by UN, UNESCO, UNEP and IUCN

Course Duration: One Year


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