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Diploma in Medical Assistant

Medical Assistants are healthcare professionals, who contribute to the health care sector by offering health care services. Medical Assistants provide medical services in hospitals [various departments, such as Emergency Department, Orthopedic Department, Ophthalmology Department (EYE)] and specialist clinics. In the public health sector, Medical Assistants, actively participate and contribute towards the implementation of diverse health programs. Medical assistants also provide Emergency Medical Care (pre-hospital care) services.




Program Aim:

Broad scope of opportunity with local and international organizations.

  • Fully equipped clinical set up with state of the art equipments
  • Highly educated and experienced faculty
  • Well planned exposure to research methodology
  • Regular Orientation Classes & Training for Good Communication Skills, Evidence Based Practice and Continuous Medical Education (CME)
  • Social and cultural practices for personal development

Students, with CGPA of 3.5 and above, may opt for Doctor of Medicine Program (M.D), offered by Partner Universities.

Entry Requirements:

Pass the Certificate of Senior Secondary or equivalent qualification by obtaining at least five (5) credits in the following subjects:
– Two (2) subjects from Science and Mathematics (Biology / Chemistry, Science (Applied Science) / Additional Science, Additional Mathematics / ; and
– Pass English (preferences to candidates who earn credit in English)

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities:

There is a high demand for Medical Assistants in the public as well as private hospitals, medical centers, healthcare institutions, plantation sectors (estate hospitals), petroleum/gas sector (off-shore oil rig stations) and sport science units/clinics.


Accreditation: All courses are accreditation by DRPF and associated partners and international organizations.

All courses curriculum designed and approved by UN, UNESCO, UNEP and IUCN

Course Duration: Two Years


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