91 Weeks  |  1820 Total Hrs  1620 Theory Hrs  |  200 Hrs Practicum

Program Summary

Cyber Security and Cloud Computing

Bay River College’s 91 weeks Cyber Security and Cloud Computing diploma program prepares students to confidently tackle the day-to-day responsibilities of a cyber security and cloud computing specialist. In this program, students gain the experience needed to monitor and maintain the security of an organization’s network. Students receive a working knowledge of the principles of cyber security, Linux operating systems, virtual networks such as Microsoft Azure and VM Ware, cloud networking technologies, Cisco Networking and Security, and SQL database management.


Career Opportunities

Cyber Security and Cloud Computing diploma program students complete their education with 200 hours of practicum experience.

Cyber security and cloud computing specialists are qualified to manage the digital networks of a variety of organizations across many industries. Graduates of the Cyber Security and Cloud Computing Diploma Program can find numerous positions within the emerging Cyber Security industry, as a Cyber Security analyst, cloud database administrator, and IT security advisor.

Why Choose Cyber Security and Cloud Computing Diploma Program.

As with time the internet is being used by every individual and it has a major impact on everyone’s life, it has its drawbacks as well, like cyber bullying and cyber crimes. This diploma will provide students a solid grounding in conventional computer networks, network security, cloud computing concepts, and database skills. They will work on managing cloud computing requirements of the corporate sector and making cyber security strategies and their applications.

Students who will successfully graduate can be eligible to work in organizations that deal in Cyber Security and cloud computing field, they can as a Cyber Security Specialist, Information Security Officer, Network Security Specialist, Cyber Security Analyst, and IT Security Advisor.

Admission Requirement

Standard Admission:

Mature Admission:

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