Postgraduate Diploma in Physiotherapy

Diploma in Physiotherapy

The Postgraduate Diploma in Physiotherapy allows students to specialize in a certain area of physiotherapy for enhanced knowledge and competent skills. You will have a great opportunity to get endorsed in Neurorehabilitation, Orthopedic Manipulative Therapy, Sports Physiotherapy and relevant specialties. The program aims at considerably contributing to the ongoing development of efficient physiotherapy management. Physiotherapists assist accident victims, chronically immobilized people, and other patients to improve wellbeing by designing, executing, and monitoring customized treatment plans. Students will restore or maintain strength, flexibility, and range of movement.

Postgraduate Diploma in Physiotherapy Framework and Duration

The 2-years diploma program underpins extensive education, competitive skills, and hands-on experience presenting a variety of prospects for the supportive environment. We engage learners in multiple practical activities to further promote self-direction for effective learning. We facilitate the development of improved expertise and autonomous learning. Further, there will be case study evaluations, collaborative learning, presentations, and seminars. We significantly focus on learning and teaching approaches and comprehensive assessment design for critical and analytical thinking. Students will use theoretical knowledge and skills in a combined approach.

Become a Physiotherapist: What to Expect

The diploma program uses procedures that promote the critical valuation of physiotherapy practice. Moreover, it explores the theoretical foundation of manipulative/musculoskeletal physiotherapy, clinical reasoning, and practical application. The course incorporates several approaches to clinical practice in the area of specialty. The program is also supported through distance learning providing you a customized experience to meet personal and professional goals.

  • Acquire advanced competencies in clinical specialty.
  • Study at a globally leading research facility among multi-disciplinary experts.
  • Development approaches in the framework of advanced healthcare practices.
  • Comprehensively evaluate the academic and conceptual concerns associated with manipulative/musculoskeletal physiotherapy.
  • Use of clinical reasoning skills to allow quick management of complicated clinical presentations.
  • Formulate a reasonable research design and analytical investigation for a given issue.
  • Produce well-written reports in both academic and clinical settings.

Career Opportunities

When it comes to career, the field of physiotherapy offers an extensive range of diverse and flexible employment prospects upon graduation. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment opportunities are expected to grow at a faster rate of 28% by the year 2026. The rate of growth is primarily associated with the aging population who are at a higher risk of injury. Here are a few recommended options for aspirants:

  • Community health facility
  • Mental health facility
  • Nursing homes
  • Government clinics and rehabilitation centers
  • Sports or Private clinic
  • Fitness centers

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