Easter 2020 A Motivation for War against COVID-19


Easter 2020 A Motivation for War against COVID-19

The Easter we have just gone through was without proper celebrations. Coronavirus, all around the world have restrained mankind to celebrate Easter properly. At the moment all of the Christian world is almost sad and heartbroken full of sorrow. One pandemic which has affected the whole global village has proven itself more powerful.

Now here lies the secret behind the success. Easter 2020 is proclaiming loudly to change our sorrows, sadness and broken heart into our power to overcome this pandemic. This Easter 2020 is giving us new strength and power to fight against COVID-19. The whole human race is in a state of war against this pandemic. So that this will never happen again.

As we go through the history of mankind. We became aware of the fact that we are used to these pandemics. Many a time they have attacked us in different forms, shapes, and ways. Each and every time we have faced them and we faced them with the victory. Many precious lives were taken by these diseases, but in the end, the human race prevailed.

Once again we are under the attack of a very dangerous pandemic COVID-19. This was the very reason stopped us from celebrating Easter 2020 properly. We have suffered from the pain but instead of showing sadness accept it as a challenge. This challenge is that at any cost and any circumstances, we are determined to achieve our victory against coronavirus.

The people who have given their lives fighting against coronavirus must not be forgotten on this occasion. They deserve a tribute from us. They have offered their lives and yet there are many victims struggling hard. Our gratitude and condolence are with the families who have lost their dear ones.

Today, the responsibility lies on the shoulder of every human being. We have, to be careful of ourselves, as well as we have to help others in any way possible. This is the right time to come forward and help humanity, to make it prevail once again with a great victory.

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