Education Assistant

1 Academic years  |  33 Weeks  |  760 Total Hrs  560 Theory Hrs  |  200 Hrs Practicum

Program Summary

Education Assistant

Bay River College’s one-year Education Assistant diploma program covers the diverse topics required to successfully work under the direction of educators such as classroom or resource teachers. Students learn vital skills and knowledge, including educational ethics, conflict management and special program development for students with physical, learning or emotional needs.

The Education Assistant program provides students with essential classroom skills such as team building, leadership and conflict resolution, and pupil observation and assessment. Students in this program will learn about child development,  curriculum support and adaptation, pupil behavioural management as well as the necessary knowledge to help teachers in preparing materials, displays and other supportive activities. Students will also be taught how to assist teachers in implementing Individual Education Programs for students using strategic learning techniques and strategies.


Career Opportunities

Education Assistant diploma program students complete their education with 200 hours of practicum experience.

Successful graduates of our Education Assistant diploma program are qualified for careers throughout the childhood support and youth education sectors, including at childcare centers, early intervention programs, public and private schools and summer camps.

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