Essential Characteristics of an Education Assistant

Essential Characteristics of an Education Assistant

Essential Characteristics of an Education Assistant

As an education assistant (EA), you are responsible for providing support and assistance to the students and instructors. Your roles and responsibilities are varied based on your working environment and the individuals that you work with.

When you are working in an elementary school, supporting children can include duties like assisting those with particular needs or learning difficulties. Besides, education assistants are also responsible for assisting instructors with various duties including supervision, preparation, class management and more to maximize students’ potential to learn. Certain qualities and skills make an education assistant working successfully. What are the essential characteristics that will benefit you as an EA?


Compassion is the first key characteristic that will benefit you as an EA. You will need to assist specific needs children with mobility, communication, school work and other exceptionalities. With compassion, you can show caring for each student in nature to develop peer relationships.


Patience is one of the key characteristics of an EA must-have. Children tend to misbehave at times, you need to show patience to them and try to learn and understand why they did such behaviors. In addition, you may need patience when working with instructors and co-workers, as everyone has different styles of teaching and tricks to assist students. Without patience, you may fail to be a great EA.


Communication is the most effective characteristic of an EA to work with a group of children. Communication means connection, and open communication builds trust among children quickly. Effective communication involves active listening and paying attention to nonverbal signals. Remember to listen, connect, and communicate with students, co-workers as well as parents to generate comprehensive information to get the best result.


As an EA, you are responsible for processing grades, taking attendance, collecting and preparing tests and require good organization skills. Therefore, organization plays a huge and necessary role for an EA. Good organization skills allow EAs to assist instructors to prepare information for classes appropriately in advance. Moreover, being organized will help you to find information, learning materials and other course paperwork easily.

Aside from those, characteristics like management, teamwork, and flexibility are also vital for a successful education assistant. At Bay River College, we understand the importance of these characteristics and skills for an individual to succeed in working as an Education Assistant. Our one-year Education Assistant diploma program equips students with diverse knowledge and skills along with practicums to excel in this field.

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