Give Wings to Stress and It Will Fly Away

Give Wings to Stress and It Will Fly Away - Bay River College

Give Wings to Stress and It Will Fly Away

The fact about stress is that we are going to laugh about these matters related to stress after the year. We should be careful not having stress for the things that could have done if they should have to be done they would have been done. So why to get stressed about things, not in our control?

According to a report of “the American College Health Association 2017 national college health assessment” 45% of College student, are experiencing more stress than average. On the other hand, 87% of College student felt overwhelmed when they had to do something at least once last year.

Normally a life of College student is full of stress. They have already started a busy life in which they are obliged to their families. They may have started their work. And with all these things the studies, preparation for exams, financial problems, and certainly many other types of interests. All these factors are an accelerator of stress for a college student. Today we will discuss how to alleviate this stress, and have a healthy balanced life and succeed in college.

How to alleviate stress?

  • A Balanced Diet:

To fight with stress a fuel is needed which our bodies obtained from a healthy balanced diet. Studies have proved that an unhealthy diet is capable of increasing our stress levels. We should feel encouraged for having fruits and vegetables in our diet and should abstain from high-fat and high sugar foods. Normally we call it junk food.

  • Exercise:

According to research, exercise is the best remedy to get the stress away. During exercise, our body produces endorphin, which helps us to feel good and is a kind of natural painkiller and helps you to sleep well. Which ultimately reduces our stress. A college student is strictly advised to adopt a kind of healthy exercise like jogging, cycling and walking.

  • Create different engagement:

Sometimes while burning a midnight oil for some kind of assignment, causes great stress, student should have something else to get himself engaged. It is just to get some relief from that great stress we are experiencing. It could be a kind of hobby, playing games, painting or drawing. Something that will take you out of the tension you are dealing with.

  • Counselling:

Counselling is proved to be very beneficial to deal with stress. We can have it from a friend, a family member or a professional counsellor. Normally, colleges have a faculty of counselling. Students should take benefit from that which quite often proved helpful for stress relief.

  • Get organized:

Try to make a plan of your whole week get it organized and then strict to it. You can fix your priorities according to your obligations related to your life. In this way, you will be able to manage your time well. Plan for each aspect like studying, working, friends and family and for you.

  • Be Optimistic:

The thoughts always play a great deal to our reality of life. As a college student one should always be optimistic. There is no place for negative thinking. Try to be always calm and relaxed. Be confident to face any situation with ease and if it is difficult, try to take it as a challenge.

  • Meditation:

You must be familiar with meditation if you have a religious background, if not even then it’s all right. There are several ways to meditate one can learn from online tutorials. We can start meditation with some simple techniques like taking deep breaths and letting stress flyaway.

  • Write journals:

Journaling quite often helps us to analyze and process problems related to our lives and it helps us to deal with our stress. It is also proved a great help to strengthen our thoughts and immune systems. Students should also try to give a shot to journaling.

  • In the case of high stress:

There are some levels in case of stress, we will start experiencing depression and anxiety. If you are having sleepless nights and joyless life and your problems are driving you towards alcohol and drugs to deal with stress. It’s time to consult professionals. You can go to the college counsellor or consult a specialist doctor in severe cases.


Finally, as a conclusion, it is necessary to refuse stress for all those things which are not in our control and we cannot change them.

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