Good Reasons to Be Choose Careers as Medical Office Assistant

Good Reasons to Be Choose Careers as Medical Office Assistant

Good Reasons to Be Choose Careers as Medical Office Assistant

To work as a medical office assistant requires both administrative and communicative skills. MOAs are thought to be collaborating sources between patients, nursing staff, and doctors. It is included in their duty to keep the medical facility running smoothly. On the other hand, they are also helping patients to have that medical attention they need in due time. There are several reasons to choose a career as a medical office assistant, for example:

Increasing Future Demand:

The career gives a guarantee for a bright future which is exactly what is needed to choose as a career. The students invest in the training to find suitable employment opportunities. The medical office administration training at Bay River College is well in demand in Canada. According to the job bank of the government of Canada, in April 2020 there will be a steady demand for the profession of medical office administrator in the next ten years, which is quite positive news for those getting training as a medical office administrator.

The Real Difference that Medical Office Assistant Can Make:

Medical office assistant work is not limited to organizing patient records and files after booking doctors’ appointments and being the first to receive the patients and visitors at cleaning. They greet the patients with complete respect and also speak to anxious parents worried about their children. They also had to deal with operations, which needs emergency attention, and sometimes they also helped the nurses and doctors with minor medical procedures. MOAs represent the medical facility; also, they help the patients out of stress and connect them with the most appropriate doctors and healthcare workers. They also administrate the whole program of the medical facility so that hospitals and clinics can run smoothly.

Quick Training Is Required:

Bay River College is the best option for quick training as a medical office assistant just in 12 months. This program includes 200 hours of field placement. Training as a medical office administrator is one of the excellent options for both high school graduates and diploma students. Students of all ages are welcome from all backgrounds.

A Member of Healthcare Team:

Experienced and skilled medical office assistants are high in demand and valued by nursing staff and doctors. It will become difficult for clinics to run smoothly without able and well-organized medical office assistants. Those willing to join the healthcare department can consider this an excellent option for them.

Employment Options:

Being an MOA, one can have several job options. For example, working at a dental clinic and hospital. The successful graduates can easily qualified for the following positions of medical office assistant:

  • Family clinics
  • Dental clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Walk-in clinics
  • Chiropractor offices 
  • Physiotherapy clinics
  • Extended care centers
  • Insurance provider companies

Flexible Working Hours:

As a medical office assistant, one can manage his working hours easily by choosing to work only on weekdays and keeping 3 to 4 days free. Due to the several positions available for medical office assistants, they are given several relaxation for their working hours.

Challenging but Rewarding Work:

In the life of a medical office assistant, there are no same two days. Every day you walk up with new challenges, new patients, and new skills to learn. The profession will never get bored because the environment is often fast-paced at hospitals and clinics. MOAs are always very busy by assisting patients in appointments, coordinating with doctors and nurses, keeping the records up to date, and welcoming the patients.

Training as a Unit Clerk & Medical Office Administration:

Bay River College gives you a quick Unit Clerk & Medical Office Administration that can be completed in 34 Weeks with a field placement of 200 hours. We strongly condemn pushing the students for enrolment even if they are not ready for that. So our admission advisors are available 24 / 7 and will always guide you through your difficulties.

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