Hospitality Business Management

2 Academic years  |  66 Weeks  |  1320 Total Hrs  820 Theory Hrs  |  500 Hrs Practicum

Program Summary

Hospitality Business Management

Bay River College’s two-year Hospitality Business Management diploma program is for individuals seeking the knowledge and skills required to enter the exciting field of hospitality management. This program prepares students for careers as managers and supervisors in hotels, resorts, food and beverage catering organizations and other accommodation service establishments.

The Hospitality Business Management diploma program teaches students to effectively manage the responsibilities of planning, overseeing and evaluating the operations of an accommodation or hospitality operation, or a department within such an organization.


Career Opportunities

Hospitality Business Management diploma program students complete their education with 500 hours of practicum experience.

Successful graduates of the Hospitality Business Management diploma program can look forward to a varied career of opportunities in several growing fields, including accommodations manager, restaurant manager, food and beverage supervisor, special events coordinator and concierge.

Why Chose Hospitality Business Management Diploma

The Hospitality Management Diploma Program should be seeked by such students who are willing to practice their skills in the field of Hospitality. Hospitality Management diploma has its importance in setups like Hotels, resorts settings, food & beverage industry, and other service establishments. This program gives you the chance to study courses in Hospitality Management theory and practice, service skills, guest interaction and Hospitality science. Our two-year program will enlighten the significant topics of hospitality industry and help them learn the management principles which will ensure them to surpass their goals enrout success in a hospitality leadership role.


Standard Admission:

  • Optimum age requirement is 18 years or older.
  • High School Diploma or equivalent, or
  • High School Diploma equivalent will be from other provinces in Canada, or
  • Successful completion of the bayriver College Admission Test (Wonderlic Test) minimum score required (310) on verbal skills exam, or
  • A Canadian Language Bench mark 5 or equivalent (TOFEL, IELTS)
  • Successful entrance interview with bayriver College Administration
  • High school diploma will be verified by diploma and/or transcripts.

Mature Admission:

  • Minimum age requirement of 18 years or older.
  • Have been out of school for two years.
  • High School Diploma or equivalent, or
  • High School Diploma equivalent will be from other provinces in Canada, or
  • Successful completion of the bayriver College Admission Test (Wonderlic Test), or
  • A Canadian Language Bench mark 5 or equivalent (TOFEL, IELTS)
  • Successful entrance interview with bayriverCollege Administratio
  • High school diploma will be verified by diploma and/or transcripts. All students must have 3 -6 months previous experience in the hospitality industry.

Course Description

Our course in hospitality management makes you understand the structure of organization and hotel management, restaurants and similar setups. It includes topics on franchising, management contracts, business ethics, human resources, marketing, Charts, exhibits, hospitality industry statistics, and Web site listings provide important details that can be applied for employment

Front office efficiency will help sales grow with the knowledge and skills gained from this diploma. Topics include revenue management and the latest technology applications. This course shows how front office activities and functions affect other departments and focuses on how to manage the front office to ensure your property’s goals are met.

For a profitable hotel you need to clean rooms and hire an efficient housekeeping staff. Our diploma will give you a detailed overview, from the basic of hiring and retaining a trained staff to the details for cleaning each area of the hotel easily and properly. Authentic information from industry experts makes the contents of this course immediately applicable to your job status

This module is made to give you the keen knowledge about The Opera PMS. Its an online tutorial-based training course that makes it easy for us to have a track on out students progress

This course will help you in learning how to successfully manage different types of food and beverage operations including shops dining rooms, banquets and more venues like these. Experts in industry encourage you to think critically about situations you can deal in the job

This course covers the topics that deal with sell rooms and food and beverage services to business and leisure travelers, and people who come to meet as planners. Industry professionals provide information on marketing strategies that work in today’s industry.

Get the foundation you need to make smart decisions in food and beverage operations. This course shows how to give guests the highest priority as all details of the food and beverage operation are planned, implemented, and evaluated. You’ll learn how to build business through effective marketing strategies, how to satisfy the food-quality and nutritional demands of guests, and how to increase profits by maximizing service, productivity, and technology.

This module is designed to give the student a fair knowledge about The MICROS POS

System; the course is a Lab based training course that makes it easy to track individual

usage and progress.

Hospitality is a people industry, this course will help you to manage the significant human resources who provide services within a hospitality site. You’ll learn how to fulfill the requirements of the staff, workplace laws, and discover the latest strategies to attract employees, minimizing turnover, and maximizing productivity.

Security is one of the most important aspect in today’s hospitality industry. This course provides the information about security issues and how to make the place feel safer for visters . Topics include the physical security of the property, asset protection, guest protection, security equipment, emergency management and procedures, OSA requirements, and more.

This module is designed to give the student an advanced knowledge about The Opera PMS as well as PMS operations management functions. The course is an online tutorial- based training course that makes it easy to track individual usage and progress.

Learn how to handle today’s engineering and maintenance concerns. This course covers all major facility systems, including food service equipment and design. Non-engineers can learn how to understand and speak the language of suppliers and maintenance/engineering staff. You’ll also learn techniques to reduce expenses and increase efficiency, and learn how the latest technology can streamline operations.

The MICROS POS System in this course from the management operations prospective is that, the course is a Lab based training diploma that makes it easy to track every student’s usage and progress.

Today’s global marketplaces are changing rapidly. Our students will be introduced to issues involved in international hotels that include planning, developing, marketing, and managing hotels. They will learn to give protocol in international interactions. They will be given proper background and ethics of cultural diversity.

Students will work on resume building skills, Interview facing technique and will also be introduced to in-office and client communication skills, preparing students to be successful in their next chosen path.

Graduates will have the use of our Job Search lab which has unlimited Internet access, a job search

resource library and a fax machine and phone for contacting employers with your resume that will help you build your career. Facilitators will be available to guide you on job finding resources, interview skills and techniques and to carry out mock interviews. Graduates review core diploma concepts and learning in order to market their skills.

Our diploma provides the students 200 hours’ practical experience of an actual business.

This course has 3 main objectives:

1) Demonstration of student’s professional attitude is reflected by his attendance, student should be reliable, self-aware about the agreement with the client, respectful towards the client, and most importantly committed to client service.

2) they will be given full opportunity to use their new technical skills; observe and integrate into Hospitality Industry; work on soft skills; network with industry colleagues; gain reference(s); add experience to their resume; possibly gain extension in their employment or referral; and receive evaluation from Employer. Open communication is maintained throughout the work term between Learners, Hosts and Student.

3) Understanding the importance of proper documentation of professional work.

Career Services has a very important role in shaping the learning experience. From the first day till you pass out with flying colors. Career Services is constantly working to provide guidance, resources, opportunities, and assistance. As a school with a very vast student council our goal is to groom the employment world by

filling it with well educated students, while understanding Canadian workplace cultures and professional environment.

Let's get enrolled & grab the opportunity.

Hospitality Business Management . Diploma.