66 Weeks  |  1320 Total Hrs  820 Theory Hrs  |  500 Hrs Practicum

Program Summary

Hospitality Business Management

Bay River College’s 66 weeks Hospitality Business Management diploma program is for individuals seeking the knowledge and skills required to enter the exciting field of hospitality management. This program prepares students for careers as managers and supervisors in hotels, resorts, food and beverage catering organizations and other accommodation service establishments.

The Hospitality Business Management diploma program teaches students to effectively manage the responsibilities of planning, overseeing and evaluating the operations of an accommodation or hospitality operation, or a department within such an organization.


Career Opportunities

Hospitality Business Management diploma program students complete their education with 500 hours of practicum experience.

Successful graduates of the Hospitality Business Management diploma program can look forward to a varied career opportunities in several growing fields, including accommodations manager, restaurant manager, food and beverage supervisor, special events coordinator and concierge.

Why Choose Hospitality Business Management Diploma

The Hospitality Management Diploma Program is suitable for such students who are willing to practice their skills in the field of Hospitality. Hospitality Management diploma has its importance in setups like hotels, resorts settings, food & beverage industry, and other service establishments. This program gives you the chance to study different courses in Hospitality Management theory and practices, service skills, guest interaction, and Hospitality science. This two-year program enlightens the significant topics of the hospitality industry and helps the students to learn the management principles which will ensure them to surpass their goals en route success in a hospitality leadership role.

Admission Requirement

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