How to Make Yourself Useful in Lockdown Due to COVID-19

How to Make Yourself Useful in Lockdown Due to COVID-19

Quite often we have been introduced to the fact that “A Man is a Social Animal”. Nowadays corona virus is proving this to be a hundred percent correct. The stress and the anxiety we are facing due to the lockdown is immense. This corona virus is affecting our relationships so much that in some severe cases we are struggling with them.

We’re told to remain in our houses. We are not able to socialize ourselves. We have restricted ourselves from even our close relatives and friends. In this kind of situation, one who is not used to can face immense mental disturbance and anxiety. To overcome these problems, we can do some simple activities.

Here are 10 things which will help you to make yourself useful:

  1. The first and most important thing is to take care of ourselves. If you are in perfect health then you will be able to cope with your problems.
  2. This is the fact that the thing which you will resist will persist. So try to be calm and let your emotions to come out and the emotions of those around you calmly and swiftly.
  3. Try to meditate. If you are following a religion than it is well and good. You must have some method to pray to God. And if not, simply give some time to your mind to assemble your thoughts and ideas.
  4. Don’t become lazy try to do some healthy exercise. The exercise will definitely improve your mood and as well as immunity against disease.
  5. Arrange a meeting if you’re living with your family and give suitable responsibilities to all members. Also, give complete guidance where it is necessary.
  6. Try to make a healthy routine, with healthy activities, you are able to do indoor and follow that routine accordingly.
  7. At the end of the day let everyone talk about their feelings and how was their day. Listen to them attentively by appreciating and correcting where it is necessary.
  8. Give some time alone to your partners. You could be creative about giving and getting it in shifts.
  9. I can assure that you can make this time the most memorable time. If you can simply learn how to appreciate and express your gratitude on even minor acts done by your family members.
  10. At the end of the day just before sleeping try to write down daily dairy. Just make yourself accountable for the things which could be done in an effective way. This will help you a lot to understand your positive and negative attitudes.

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