Increased Demand of Computer Networking Job in COVID-19

Increased Demand of Computer Networking Job in COVID 19

This global pandemic of Covid-19 had disturbed the balance of the whole world, including the economy of Canada. It has changed our ways of work, socializing, and doing business. There are tremendous job losses everywhere around the globe. However, the information technology sector has grown. While staying or better to say struck at home, everyone relies on information technology and digital systems to remain connected with outside. That’s why there is an increased demand for computer networking Jobs. Some of them are:

IT Support Specialist:

They are also given the title of helpdesk technician. They always troubleshoot the problems whenever the staff or clients encounter them. They know how exactly to troubleshoot slow-speed Wi-Fi signals and even to recover forgotten passwords. They help the users to solve technical challenges by maintaining their productivity.

The Responsibilities of IT Support Specialist:

  • Always ready to start work at their assistance request, phone calls.
  • To diagnose the problem after listening to the complaint of users.
  • They are always keeping the records of several issues with their solutions.
  • They were making users understand how to fix similar problems.

Demand: Due to the pandemic most people are working from home and there is a rising demand for IT support workers or specialists. In 2020, the demand of the job for support technicians has increased by up to 80%.

Salary: the median or starting salary is about $ 59,000. The more experienced technicians are also working at $ 100,000 in a year.

Network Security Analyst:

The network security analyst has to implement appropriate planning and measures to safeguard the computer networks and data. They have to scan their IT systems for weaknesses that hackers can exploit and take necessary steps to amend them. They also need to investigate any suspicious activity, data breaches, hacking and develop prevention plans for the future.


  • Keep an eye on network traffic and activity.
  • They are making a disaster recovery plan & their testing.
  • Installing good firewalls with security controls.
  • Always be ready for the emerging cyber threats.

Demand: Nowadays, data security and breaches have become very common and during a pandemic, it has increased critically. This position had strong demand, and the Canadian government is also going to invest $ 80 million in future to develop a cybersecurity program.

Salary: in normal circumstances, they earn roundabout $ 70,000, and in some cases, they also start getting $ 102,000 a year.

IT Project Manager:

They must organize, coordinate and plan they are required to meet specific technology goals. They always deliver the technology field solutions on budget and on time. It is also their duty to admin the programs and projects, life network upgrades, software implementations, and cloud migrations et cetera.

Responsibilities and tasks:

  • Setting timelines and allocating resources.
  • Coordinating workflows
  • Managing budgets
  • Tracking problems communicating with stakeholders

Demand: Due to the pandemic, many businesses have adopted cloud technologies. Moreover, they had to redesign their infrastructures for future similar pandemics, which has raised the demand for IT Support Project Managers in Canada.

Salary: According to the Canada job bank, the median salary is about $ 83,000. In some experienced cases, it can be $ 112,000.

Network Technician:

The network technician has to ensure that all the components of networking and computers, working smoothly and as efficiently as possible. They had to repair and install Routers, switches, firewalls, workstations, printers, servers, and cables.


  • Troubleshooting and resolving the issues related to networking.
  • Configuring the network software, hardware, and equipment.
  • Doing data backups and necessary security updates.
  • Resolving and troubleshooting network problems.

Demand: the network technician who can work remotely to configure and manage cloud services are in great demand by companies. And this demand is rising continuously, especially more during this deadly pandemic.

Salary: the median salary for this carrier is roundabout $ 62,000 that can reach more than $ 97,000.

Training as Computer Networking Technician:

Bay River College provides a diploma program comprising 12 months with seven weeks and 200 practicum hours. Students are given proper hands-on training for network administration, optimization, troubleshooting, technical support, and security. Still, facing doubts? Feel free to contact our admission advisors, ready to help you by answering all your inquiries. Moreover, they can also give counselling for a future career.

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