Information Technology And Network Administrator

1 Academic year | 42 weeks | 840 Total Hrs | 640 Hrs Theory | 260 Hrs Practicum

Program Summary

The Information technology and Network Administrator’s program prepares students to confidently tackle the day-to-day responsibilities of a computer system and Network Administration to maintain the operations of an organization’s IT infrastructure and networks.

Students will receive a working knowledge of Local Area Networks, their application within Wide Area Networks and their inter-connectivity to nodes, servers, and other end-user devices. Students will also become familiar with the Internet, web server management and its connectivity to LAN and WAN. Students can expect to learn how to work with a broad range of software including; managing system and client software, web page integration and creation, network security measures, user accounting and monitoring network event logs for problem resolution.


Information Technology and Network Administrator students complete their education with 200 hours of practicum experience.


Information Technology and Network Administrator program equip the graduates with the skills and knowledge to obtain entry-level employment in computer network support, network installation, network administration, network design and integration. You’ll learn to diagnose and troubleshoot PC problems; handle upgrades and installations; design, install, manage and enhance computer networks, and so much more. You’ll graduate with confidence, fully prepared to take on the challenges of a busy and rewarding career!