International Business Management

2 Academic years | 65 Weeks | 1300 Total Hrs | 1100 Theory Hrs | 200 Hrs Practicum

Program Summary

The International Business Management program is designed for a wide range of students and provides a valuable theoretical and practical understanding of the business world and helps students enhance entrepreneurial opportunities and increases opportunities for employment and job advancement. Students learn how to gather and organize financial and non-financial information and determine the unit cost of a variety of inventorial and non-inventorial cost objects as well as to determine the cost structure of a business organization and learn to develop profit management strategies. Students also learn how to determine the financial position of a business organized as a partnership and corporation, and the results of its operations and cash flows for a given period in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principals (GAAP).


International Business Management students complete their education with 200 hours of practicum experience.


Successful graduates of the International Business Management Program business and accounting fundamentals, and your practical experience in the global business environment, you’ll be ready for any number of careers, including exporter, importer, in trading houses, banks, government agencies & more.