A Day in the Life of a Unit Clerk and Medical Office Admin

A Day in the Life of a Unit Clerk and Medical Office Admin

A Day in the Life of a Unit Clerk and Medical Office Admin

One of the most sought after jobs in the medical field is that of a medical office Admin. The position involves running the administrative and logistical aspects of a busy office and making life easier for the doctors. It is almost impossible for a medical office to run without a professional to tie together the day to day logistics and planning, which is why this is one of the most in-demand jobs across Canada and a popular program offered by Bay River College.

A Day on the life of a medical office admin begins at around 8:00 AM with arriving at the office, unlocking all the doors at the premises. The assistant then turns off the alarms and any other safety protocol used in the building that can be triggered off. He or she then switches on all the gadgets used during the day including computers, tablets and monitoring equipment. The admin listens to all the voicemail messages replying to what is necessary while checking emails and relying on them. All the urgent messages and cancellations are noted down, and new fills made from patients that wanted appointments.

The doctor and the office nurse or nurses arrive at about 8:30 AM and are greeted as well as notified about their schedule, emergencies and cancellations. The Admin then starts receiving the patients at 9:00 AM as per the appointments. The Admin first ensures that the updates on patient’s demographics and ACHIP details are on the records. It includes having any recently done tests that are not on file. The patient is advised to go for lab tests to confirm this before seeing the doctor.

The office gets busy from about 9:30 AM to 11 AM with patient registrations piling up. The admin processes all the documents that have been received and files them for the doctor to peruse through. Current prescriptions are also files for the doctor to sign setting aside any referrals to deal with in all of the days. The phone is by this time ringing off the hook, and the admin has to multitask to keep the office running. The phone calls include sorting pharmacists that need prescription use codes, emergency rooms with the doctor’s patients and other doctors inquiring about patients with whom interests intertwine.

A Day in the Life of a Unit Clerk and Medical Office Admin

At about 11 AM the Admin registers new patients creating new electronic records, helping them fill out the necessary paperwork and dealing with any patient medication issues. Some of the problems include forgotten medication lists and medication details.

The worker then takes a lunch break at noon and resumes at about 12:30m. He or she proceeds to make calls scheduling the next day’s patients’ using calls, emails, and messages depending on their most preferable mode of communication. The patients are also reminded to bring their medical cards, records and any other relevant document for their visit.

Referrals are sorted by their urgency depending on the official guidelines at 1:30 PM. The admin makes the referral appointments and the instructions for each to the referring doctor. There are also chances that the doctor had forgotten important information about availability and so the admin has to readjust all the arrangements to fit the doctor’s schedule till about 3:30 PM.

It is likely that the admin will receive a high number of walk-in patients that require urgent care. The patients explain their problems, and the issue is handed over to the office nurses to determine whether the patient will be added to the days’ schedule or not. Patients are still being attended to at 4:30 PM and the admin has to stay to allow the doctor to do some overtime as he or she books more appointments, schedules lab tests, and bookings as per the doctor’s instructions.

The college admin records a new voicemail at 5:30 stating closure of office for the day and instructions on how to make appointments. He or she then locks down the place by first turning off all the gadgets and switching the alarm back on before leaving after locking the doors.

The Life of a Medical Office Admin requires a lot of excellent people skills to handle the patients, problem-solving skills to sort out tricky situations and to arise situations at work. The Medical Admin also needs to be very good at multi-tasking and have a keen attention to details.

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