Major Changes Needed in Education System

Major Changes Needed in Education System

Major Changes Needed in Education System

While we understand the significance of education to shape the future of individual, community, and nation as a whole, certain loopholes need to be covered. Many educational institutions are consistently reforming the education model, here we have definite concerns that need to be highlighted and taken care of.                                             

Rote Learning

In terms of education, we have consistently progressed. Still, one cannot deny the fact that emerging out of rote learning is a challenge. While many educational institutes are focusing on practical aspects of learning, the students acquiring the specific mode of education are limited. Governments are strongly encouraged to eradicate the rote learning model from roots. Alternatively, we should focus on conceptual learning to meet international standards of education.

Inter-Disciplinary Curriculum

The interdisciplinary curriculum allows students to acquire the required knowledge and skills associated with multiple disciplines through a meaningful learning approach. The approach significantly helps students in the decision-making process and focus on developing the best of their capabilities. Therefore, every learner is given an opportunity to use their strengths and contribute to the ultimate goals. The learning environment must include audio-visual content, exhibitions, presentations, workshops, creative activities and much more.

Support Research

Recently, we have observed a shift in the way we comprehend the overall concept of learning. A lot of attention is required towards moving from an individual approach towards the connections and associations that improve the likelihood of success. The approach of education considering learner’s wellbeing eventually improves academic excellence – the wellbeing highlights the academic, physical, emotional, and social intelligence.

Evaluation System and Personalization

Marks and grades play the most important role in deciding the future of students. The excessive pressure of achieving high marks tend to make students underperform and depressed. In addition to evaluating students only on the examinations, the participation of students, academic projects, extra-curricular activities, and other skills should be considered as well such as leadership and communication skills. Another crucial consideration is that not all students are born with the same intellect. While it may not be always possible to pay attention to every student independently, institutions should make use of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence to assist students cover the lacking and go the extra mile.

Purpose of Education

Currently, the education system still has certain features what colonial educators inherent. Education is not merely about a successful career but humanism as well. The system should focus on humanistic values and morals which are way beyond success and money. It’s imperative to acquire education above a mediocre level and perceive it from the holistic approach.

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