Need for Social Control in Modern Society

Need for Social Control in Modern Society

The need for social control in today’s transforming world is highly important. Considering the fact that no two persons are same in their nature, ideas, and interests. From varied backgrounds and cultures, you will find immense diversity among the community. It won’t be surprising to say that society as a whole has become a heterogeneous organization. Social control aims at bringing harmony, conformity, and endurance among a certain group or society.

Reinventing the Old Social System

The primary need for social control is to keep an already existing order. It aims at helping the community to preserve and follow their traditional values passed on by the forefathers. Though the application of the old order in a changing society may limit social progress, it is important to keep permanency and uniformity in the community.

Bring Solidarity and Conformity

Social control creates a feeling of commonality among people. In the highly competitive world, the weak group of society is often dominated by powerful groups eventually affecting harmony and order. Consequently, some groups may develop anti-social behavior posing threat to society. This is particularly important for different groups and establishments. Moreover, social control intends at bringing regularity in the behavior of people ultimately benefiting the community altogether.

Provide Social Sanction

Social control offers social sanction to different social ways of behavior. There are several folkways, modes, and traditions common in society that every individual needs to follow. Anyone violating the social norms is compelled through social control to follow it.

Check Cultural Mal-adjustment

The community is subject to change. With new inventions and philosophies, the individual behavior needs to change and adjust accordingly. However, not every individual can adapt to new conditions. Some might become progressive while others remain conservative.

Regulate or Control Individual Behavior

Every person comes with different behaviors, habits, comforts, and so on. Even the parents and their kids have drastic differences among choices and attitudes. Being a part of different religions and customs, you are more likely to dress differently, eat a certain food, have distinct ideologies, etc. In today’s world, the difference in interests has increased expressively considering the nature of people becoming more self-centered. Social control is essential to safeguard social interests and fulfill common needs. If social control is ignored, every individual will be behaving completely free without any regulations reducing to a state of the jungle.

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