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Dr. Peivand Pirouzi


Peivand holds a Ph.D. in Physiology and Biophysics from the School of Medicine, University of Sherbrooke, an M.B.A. from American Business Administration Institute, and he is accredited by the Canadian Council of Pharmaceutical Education with certifications in Evidence-Based Medicine, Psychiatry, and Management.

Peivand’s industrial experience includes experience in working at Wyeth/Pfizer, ApoPharma/Apotex, collaborations with EliteMed, and Medipure Pharmaceuticals and includes the management of more than 40 international clinical studies for pre and post-marketing phases and participation in pre and post-marketing regulatory activities and strategic planning, managing of pre and post-marketing safety reporting, risk mitigation strategies, and pharmacovigilance activities, registration of medical devices, natural health products, cosmetics, medical Marihuana licensed and new drug submissions for pharmaceuticals and writing companywide policies and SOPs.

Peivand’s government and corporate training experience cover companywide pharmaceutical and sales training on a multitude of subjects. He has extensive pharmaceutical teaching experience to the personnel at Health Canada inspectorate (In Pharmacovigilance), Nestlé, Teva, Biopharma Services, Astellas, Saudi FDA, Cynapsus Therapeutics, MacFarland Quality Systems, CommunaPharm Consulting, Nucro-Technics, University of Manitoba, MuskokaPharma,  Regxia, Septodont, a Novocol Pharmaceutical division, EliteMed, Virbac, Omnnivet Pharma, CanAssisst Canada, University of Guelph, Rejunen8 Laboratories, Medipure Pharmaceuticals, Jem Farms, Toronto Herbal Remedies, Orange Green, true Medicine, CDS Medical Cannabis Farm, 3M, and Patheon.

Peivand’s academic experience includes medical and academic research and teaching since 1991. As a professor in graduate and postgraduate programs, Peivand’s professional experience includes teaching Pharmaceutical Clinical Research, Regulatory Affairs, and Registration, Quality Control and Audits, Regulatory Compliance, Bioethics, Clinical Pharmacology, Psychiatry, Psychophysiology, Neurophysiology, Medical Biochemistry, Microbiology, Microbial Ecology, Virology, and Genomics.

Peivand has authored more than 65 scientific realizations, including 12 publications in the National Library of Canada, articles in peer-reviewed journals, oral and poster presentations, and more than 1000 technical and scientific reports.

Peivand has received several awards and recognitions including “A Scientific Recognition and Awards” from His Very Honorable Bernard Landry, the Premier of Quebec, a “letter of commandment” from the Dean, School of Health Sciences, Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning for teaching excellence. Peivand is a member of the board of directors at the Persica Management and Quality Association in Toronto, an the executive director for Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, and project management divisions, and a mentor for immigrants and refugees who are international medical and science graduates in the York region.

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