Pharmacy Assistant: Challenges, Opportunities and Rewards

Pharmacy Assistant Challenges Opportunities and Rewards

Starting a career in the healthcare Department is often very difficult. Some are looking for fast entry to this rewarding career. The pharmacy assistant is one of the careers in which the training period can be even less than a year. However, it is essential to have an inner overview of life as a pharmacy assistant before making a final decision. This can help you if this career matches your professional goals, aptitude, and interests.

Responsibilities of Pharmacy Assistant:

The professional responsibilities of a pharmacy assistant can vary depending on the working area. It could be a small pharmacy or larger one, clinic, hospital or retail store. The primary responsibilities will remain the same regardless of the working environment. Pharmacy assistants must ensure customer service and clerical tasks. Some duties are needed to be addressed daily:

  • Welcoming customers and helping them according to their needs.
  • Proper disposal of expired medicine.
  • Keeping inventory up to date but restocking drugs when needed.
  • Answering phone calls.
  • Working at cash registers.
  • Preparing prescription.
  • Routine paperwork that includes invoices, memos, receipts and orders.
  • Helping in packaging, compound and labelling of pharmaceutical products.

Essential Skills Needed:

Firstly to be a successful pharmacy assistant, it is essential to learn both technical and communication skills. While working with medication and prescriptions, one would need to pay close attention. And also, you should follow the established procedures to avoid errors that can be life-threatening.

Secondly, the pharmacy assistant will have to follow strict protocols to calculate medication dosages. The same goes with mixing ingredients, labelling prescriptions, compounding medications. It is a critical requirement to follow pharmacy rules.

Moreover, pharmacy assistants should also be able to use computer systems with proper knowledge of technical skills. Today, most pharmacies are using the computerized dispensing system to manage patients. That makes it very easy to manage histories and check for the interaction of drug and food and prescription renewal dates etc.

Last but not least, the pharmacy assistant is required to give excellent customer service. The pharmacy assistant is also known to be the face of the pharmacy to whom the customer interacts in the very first place. It is essential to be professional, patient, a good communicator and kind.


The most important benefit is to develop positive PR. Moreover, the top benefits are:

  • Customers much appreciate the work because it is necessary and serves their needs.
  • One that is experienced in dealing with diverse customers and clients.
  • There are different tasks and responsibilities every day that keeps the interest.
  • Working hours are flexible.

Pharmacy Assistant Challenges:

Following are the most common challenges of pharmacy assistant faces sometimes:

  • The anxious and challenging customers are challenging to manage.
  • Sometimes it is difficult to cope with the demands of a fast-paced pharmacy.
  • Most of the time, you had to stand.

Career Outlook in Canada:

According to the government of Canada job bank, there will be a steady demand for pharmacy assistants in future. The salary can be $18 per hour, according to recent statistics.

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