Popular Positions for Medical Office Administrator

Popular Positions for Medical Office Administrator

Medical Office Administrator has become necessary for all clinics and hospitals. Today without this position it will become difficult to run hospitals and clinics smoothly. Starting from being a receptionist to the work they are doing behind the scenes as a medical transcriptionists, they have become important personnel for the stability of the healthcare system.

Medical Office Administrator helps with their communication skills by satisfying the desperate patients and looking after doctors’ schedules, they also keep records of patients up to date and prepare required medical documents. Medical Office administrators are helping to fill in the blank spaces in proper coordination between patients, doctors, specialists, and nurses. For all of the above reasons, there is high demand for a skilful Medical Office Administrator. Let’s discuss some popular positions for this career.

Medical Office Assistant:

This job holds a long list of administrative duties. The skilled assistants are always in demand to become valuable members of the healthcare team. They are there to help to book appointments and the management of inventory. The position of Medical Office Assistant is always present at all types of clinics, hospitals, and doctors’ offices. Major responsibilities of Medical Office Assistant are:

  • Answering phone calls
  • Receiving patients
  • Looking after doctors’ schedule
  • Scheduling of appointments and confirmations
  • Assisting in coordination between patients, physicians, and specialists.
  • Updating medical records of patients
  • Processing insurance and billing
  • Entering the data in Electronic Medical Record (EMRs).
  • Managing stock and inventory
  • Equipment sterilizing

Skills needed:

The Medical Office Assistant position demands a person with experience in clinic software. Mostly the employers are willing to hire a person who is more detail-oriented and responsible.


The starting salary is approximately $ 17 per hour, which can increase up to $ 25 per hour with the increase in experience.

The Receptionist at the Clinic:

Doing the job as receptionist Medical Office Assistant becomes a face of the clinic or a clinic presentation with the routine task they are also required to provide the best customer services possible. The position as a clinic receptionist can be hired by dentists, chiropractors, doctors, practitioners of healthcare, and physiotherapists. The responsibilities of clinic receptionist are:

  • Scheduling the appointments
  • Receiving the clinic visitors
  • Sending emails and sorting them
  • Taking phone calls
  • Payment processing
  • Inventory keeping
  • Purchasing supplies
  • Keeping the clinic tidy and organized.
  • Keeping files and charts up to date.
  • Making notes of staff meeting

Skills needed:

The communication skill is very important for this job. Employers prefer those receptionists who are welcoming, professional, patient, and friendly. Proper and sound knowledge of Microsoft Office and its application is compulsory. How to use billing software and scheduling software can give you a competitive advantage over other applicants.


The approximate salary for a clinic receptionist can be $ 17 per hour, increasing up to $ 25 per hour with time.

Medical Transcriptionist:

This is a very interesting and sensitive job where the transcriptionist has voice recordings of doctors and physicians, and healthcare professionals; need to be transcribed as written reports. These include recordings at the time of operations, final summaries, chart reviews, diagnostic imaging studies, and emergency rooms’ notes. Mainly the medical transcriptionist work at the hospitals and clinics, and offices of doctors. The transcribed documents are submitted to the physician for approval and review. The main responsibilities of medical transcriptionist include:

  • Getting along with new and latest transcription technologies like speech recognition equipment, computer software, and word-processing.
  • Transcribing the medical reports and summaries.
  • Proofreading of documents.
  • Distribution and retrieval of transcribed documents.

Skills needed:

The transcriptionist with a speed of 60 words per minute is an ideal person for this job. Moreover, the understanding of medical abbreviations and terminology and the experience of using transcriptionist software and understanding of dictation are also needed.


The minimum salary starts from $ 24 per hour that can reach its highest-paid level of $ 27 per hour.

Training as Medical Office Administrator:

In most cases, a diploma is demanded from the applicants to get hired for the post of Medical Office Administrator. The demand of clinics and hospitals require training as Medical Office Administration with the strong skill of medical scheduling and usage of billing software.

The diploma and certificate programs include training in transcription, record management, receptions skills, healthcare software, medical terminology and billing. Most of the diploma program requires an internship at a hospital or clinic to make students get real working life experience.

Bay River College is offering a 1-year training program for Medical Office Administrator with field placement of 200 hours. The clinics, healthcare facilities, and hospitals always welcome the graduates of our college.

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