Quality 101: 5 Essential Elements for a Daycare Centre

5 Essential Elements for a Daycare Centre

Quality 101: 5 Essential Elements for a Daycare Centre

Maria Montessori says, “The most important period of life is not the age of university students, but the period from birth to the age of six”. In Canada, 54% of parents with children aged 4 and under used day care. By far, as the early years of a child’s life are considered as the beginning stages to lifelong learning,   quality child care is the most common concern for parents. A most important question comes to parents’ mind:

What Are the Essential Elements For a Quality Daycare Centre?

  1. Professional Interactions

According to study, the first 3 years of a child’s life have a critical importance for future development. Therefore, the earliest experience and interactions with daycare teachers play a significant role in a child’s development. A team of caring and qualified teachers are not only taking care of infants and young children, but also providing adaptable education for children according to their age.

  • Physical Environment

Besides learning with professional caregivers, the physical learning environment is also crucial for child development. Child care standards require having adequate indoor and outdoor space that meets safety requirements for children with different ages. Studies prove that children are willing to engage with a place that includes appropriate learning materials.

  • A Standardized Management

A good daycare center needs a comprehensive and standardized management. The management team should be open and dynamic, able to improve teaching contents in accordance with curriculums, to enrich teaching materials actively, and establish close cooperative relations with children and parents. Relatively, the management team is playing a key role in creating and providing a positive environment for children.

  • Nutrition Meal Planning

Food safety is one of the top priorities of a daycare center. Some daycare centers order meals from food catering companies, some prepare simple meals themselves. The most important question to ask caregivers is whether the nutritious diet meets the needs of children’s growth or not.

  • Variety of Activities

The Daycare is responsible to provide a broad range of activities and tasks for children to build on prior learning and experiences. By offering a variety of activities and learning basic life skills such as washing hands and or doing up zippers, it will stimulate children’s learning interest, therefore, to build skills to meet development milestones.

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