Roles and Career Opportunities of Information Technology and Network Administrator

Roles and Career Opportunities of Information Technology and Network Administrator

In the modern world where every business needs the internet for almost everything from manufacturing to management and sales, the importance of high speed and high accuracy in terms of smooth internet connectivity and performance cannot be tolerable. For this key responsibility there comes a role of an IT Network Administrator, who is responsible for the organizational operations in which IT is involved.

Responsibilities of IT Network Administrator:
Being an IT Network Administrator is a fun job to perform. The key responsibilities for a computer network engineer are maintaining an organization’s data management network. The IT network extends to the corporate LAN, WAN, intranet, and the Internet. Users rely on this web of networking technology to communicate and share, store, and process information. The IT network administrators are responsible for maintaining a reliable, secure, and efficient data communications network.

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Career Opportunities of IT Network Administrator:
As this covers a wide range of responsibilities, thus it has a larger scope for career and jobs. It would be a smart move to enter in such a field where the growth is higher. Network administrators have a greater job outlook for the coming 8 to 10 years. According to some renowned labor departments, the demand of Network Administrator would be 12 to 28 percent higher.

Demand of IT Professionals:
The transition to cloud computing will definitely increase the demand for Network Administrators. As we are now just entering the world of cloud computing and the usage of cloud technology is barely on the surface and its real use is yet to come. Many companies and organizations will move there whole data to the clouds including backups, currently using software’s and even coders platforms to prevent the loss of the data and for cyber security, there will be a huge need for the IT professionals who can supervise and troubleshoot the problems which may occur due to this huge move.

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