Skill Development Is No More Myth – Just Follow These Easy Steps


Skill Development Is No More Myth – Just Follow These Easy Steps

The first question I would like to ask that if ever you have seen people achieving their goals without much effort, and you wonder how they have done that?
The answer to this question lies in the information I’m going to write down about skill development. Let’s start from the foundation. 

What is skills development?

Skill development involves two things:
1. Identify your skills.
2. Polish and develop your skills to be the best.

Let’s take an example of a person making furniture out of wood. He does have the raw material that is good, but he doesn’t have any professional tools. So in the end, he won’t be able to carve anything out of that wood. The same situation applies to the person who has not identified his skills and applied them to his real-life. Such a person won’t be able to achieve his goals for achieving goals skills are the tools.

Why we don’t pay attention to skill development?

There are two reasons:
1. First, we are impressed with the achievements of others. We try to make them our heroes and start copying them. We don’t realize how much effort they have done to achieve that position and similarly, we don’t even care about our strong ends.
2. The second reason is that we criticize ourselves on the success of others and it is impossible for us to do the same. We are in a kind of inferiority complex. At this point, we again not considering the hard work, though successful people have done to polish their skills.

In reality, skill development is the process in which we start from the beginning, and passing through the intermediary stages we reached the seniority level and at last, we achieved the title of expert. That is the moment to raise the ability to achieve our goals.

Hard and soft skills:
Skills are basically grouped into two types, hard skills, and soft skills.
1. Hard skills: These skills are normally task-based skills. You can acquire them easily, for example, technical skills, certifications, mastering the subjects
2. Soft skills: These scales are used for personality building such as leadership, communication, decision-making, stress management, time management, networking, and the ability to deal with adversity.

How to begin skill development:

1. Start with learning core skills:
These are the skills which are very important for your goals. Learning them carefully and with great effort have a direct impact on your future success. To determine the core skills you need to determine your goal. Whatsoever your goal is your skills will be according to that. For example, if you want to be a coach. Then your core skills are team management, training, leadership, coaching.
2. Divide your goal into steps:
Learning a skill sometimes seems very difficult but to overcome this problem is very easy. One should divide his goal into some easy steps and start achieving them. One by one, you will be able to finally achieve your goal.
3. Go for the best:
Never, ever compromise on this point. You have, to learn your skills, but from the best possible source. If you will leave the top sources and go for the middle of the last options you will never master or develop the best skills.
4. Make research:
Sometimes it is very difficult to find the top-level expertise of your skill. So here comes the research methodology. We have access to the Internet, libraries, social media, and much more. Try to run deep research for your skills.
5, Training of skill:
Never miss any workshop because they are the quickest way of learning any skill. These workshops and courses taught to you are gathered from concentrated information sources and organized into some structural programs so that you can learn your skills. When you are searching for these workshops always hit credible and able trainers. Again, don’t compromise for the best.
6. Experience
The final stage of skill development is experience. After you have achieved all the above-mentioned things than to practice what you have learned. As you know, “practice makes a man perfect”. So from this point onward, your experience is going to take you to your goals.

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