Skills and Responsibilities of Medical Office Assistant

Skills and Responsibilities of Medical Office Assistant

Medical Office Assistant is one of the best career options, which involves multitasking with an appropriate balance between customer service, administrative, and interpersonal skills. Most of the phone calls and appointment schedules are adjusted by a medical office assistant, and they are also working as a helper during medical procedures and billing processing. It is hard for a layperson to realize the work being done by a medical office assistant. To perform all these complicated and challenging duties, they need to develop or master skills, including time management skills, communication skills, computer software skills, record keeping skills, and clinical skills. Bay River College is offering the following skills in their MOA’s program.

#1. Medical Office Assistant Skills and Responsibilities – Reception:

Medical Office Assistant is considered the representative of the hospitals and clinics. They receive patients’ notes down of their records and direct them to the respective department. They listen to phone calls, collect information about patients and book appointments for them. The reception duty is very demanding and needs good communication, empathy, and organization skills to fulfil that duty. Patients arriving at the hospital are most desperate and like to book an appointment as soon as possible. No matter how busy they are, the Medical Office Assistant needs to receive the patient with patience and kindness.

#2. Medical Office Assistant Skills and Responsibilities – Clinical skills:

Clinical skills are also crucial for the MOA career. These skills include:

  • To assist the doctors and medical staff with minor medical procedures.
  • Preparation of patients for a medical procedure.
  • Performing EKGs
  • Doing lab testing.
  • Performing lung function spirometry test.
  • Vital signs measurements, which include blood pressure, weight, and height.

#3. Medical Office Assistant Skills and Responsibilities – Emergency Procedure:

Employers prefer medical Office Assistants who are certified for emergency procedures. This certification includes CPR and First Aid. The certification enables Medical Office assistants to assist in emergency cases of cardiac, stroke and choking.

#4. Medical Office Assistant Skills and Responsibilities – Updating Patient Records:

It happens almost with all Medical Office assistants that the doctors and nursing staff demand patients’ records. That could be only possible if the records are up to date and complete in time. The patient’s record must include lab results, x-rays, latest health history, photocopies, et cetera. The files should be organized properly in a ready position for doctors to get help.

#5. Medical Office Assistant Skills and Responsibilities – Communication:

MOA deals directly with the patient on their arrival, making communication skills very important. Employers are constantly finding mature, friendly and understanding people for this role. The primary skills needed for this job are communication skills the absence cannot make Medical Office Assistant successful in this career.

#6. Medical Office Assistant Skills and Responsibilities – Management:

Medical Office assistants needed to handle many important tasks at hospitals and clinics, sometimes more than one at the same time. To work and manage the task under pressure is very important for this job. It can include organizing the information, prioritizing tasks, working efficiently.

#7. Medical Office Assistant Skills and Responsibilities – Billing:

The task of the Medical Office Assistant must involve billing; he needs to have good command on healthcare plans, reciprocal billing, codes and numbers used for billing, and how the claims of bills are processed.

#8. Medical Office Assistant Skills and Responsibilities – Transcription:

Medical Office assistants are also given the task of transcribing the voice recordings from doctors and other healthcare staff. They need to learn the skill of transcription. These notes for voice recordings could be from:

  • Diagnostic imaging studies.
  • Emergency room visits.
  • Chat reviews.
  • Operations.

To ensure the accuracy of written reports, special techniques and tools are used. It is essential to learn proper medical terminology and medical abbreviations and how to use the equipment.

#9. Medical Office Assistant Skills and Responsibilities – Microsoft Office:

MOA should use the Microsoft Word Office application which is a standard requirement for any office worker. He should be able to prepare charts to make reports and spreadsheets and write documents incorrect format.

#10. Medical Office Assistant Skills and Responsibilities – ACCURA EMR Software:

This is also called electronic medical record EMR software used by most medical clinics and hospitals. This software keeps the record of:

  • Billing
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Forms
  • Lab reports
  • Patient records and charts

This is known as all-in-one software that helps hospitals, medical facilities and clinics streamline their daily operations by carefully organizing medical information for serving the patients better.

Medical Office Assistant Training Program at Bay River College:

Interested in a career as Medical Office Assistant, the college Bay River can help you with the training program. You are most welcome to contact our admission advisors to get information about the 1-year Medical Office Assistant diploma program that includes field placement of 200 hours. Our able admission advisors are just at the distance of one click.

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