Skills Required for Health Care Aides

Skills Required for Health Care Aide

To consider Health Care Aide as a future career is a very demanding job. Because one had to provide personalized support to the patients, this career is gratifying and equally important. The increasing aged population of Canada has increased the demand. The services can be offered in-home or at medical facilities.
Health Care Aide (HCA) is also very challenging. The career demands strong physical and emotional stamina, resilience and expertise for providing the best patient care. This article will discuss the essential skills needed for this job.

Safe Patient Care Techniques:

Health Care Aide should also be well versed in technical and mechanical skills. Safe and effective care for the patients is demanded from them. This may include:

  • Positioning, transferring, and moving patients safely with or without medical equipment.
  • Keeping the record of change in patient behaviours.
  • First-aid and CPR certificates
  • Good at changing bandages, applying medical ointments, and dressing wounds.
  • Administering the medication according to the doctor’s prescription.

The skills mentioned above and procedures are very crucial for patient care.

Ready to Accept Different Cultures:

Firstly, this career will make you encounter people from all origins. It doesn’t matter whether you’re working in a long-term healthcare facility or a patient’s home. Secondly, harbouring prejudice makes the job of Health care aides very difficult. The skills of open-mindedness and social acceptance are essential skills of this field. Understanding different cultures and norms are significant for Health care aides. Moreover, they had to treat patients having different cultures, values with equal respect.

Health Care Aide should be Patient and Compassionate:

Quite often, Health Care Aides are required to work with senior citizens. They are suffering from debilitating cognitive diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s.  They also need to work with children, teens, and adults dealing with physical or intellectual disabilities. Many a time’s Health care aides get along with challenging patients. These patients don’t cooperate in following instructions, and they don’t care about their health. These kinds of cases, compassion and patience skills become pre-requisites because HCAs must develop proper awareness to take care of these patients’ health and safety.


Good communication skill is a fundamental need to be successful as HCA. Firstly one should be able to write, read, and speak English comfortably. Secondly, one must get accessible communication with patients and their family members and healthcare team.

Communication skills help to build a good rapport with patients and their families. HCAs are required to give moral support to patients struggling with their diseases and their loved ones. They had to act as a companion and emotional support for the patients. Last but not least, there had to try their best to provide quality of life to their clients.

Health Care Aide should be Flexibility:

Unpredictable things can happen at any time for that HCA should be very flexible. There could be an emergency with patients that can throw off the whole day schedule. Moreover, the fellow HCA may be calling for help to pick up his slack. Health care aides should always be ready to adapt to new clients and regroup at any time. Flexibility, quick thinker, calm under pressure are critical requirements of this career.

Health Care Aide should be Ethical, Honest and Responsible:

The patients and their families have faith in HCAs. They are welcomed to serve in their personal lives, in their home, and in hospitals. Honesty, reliability, and ethics help to build a strong bond of trust. The patients feel safer and protected with honest and responsible HCAs.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Vocabulary:

Health Care Aides had to deal with the medications of patients. So they need to be well versed in medical vocabulary. The language of medicine is also required while reporting to the head nurse. This knowledge includes physiology, anatomy, names of illnesses and their symptoms, drug prescriptions, et cetera.

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