Smart Cities and IoT (Internet of Things)

Smart Cities and IoT (Internet of things)

Smart Cities and IoT (Internet of Things)

Smart cities are the cities in which a lot of electronic devices having electronic Internet of things (IoT) sensors. These sensors will collect data and analyze it communicate with each other to give the best possible resources and services more efficiently.

The data would be collected from citizens, electronic devices and assets. That data will be processed and analyzed and will manage transportation and traffic system, utilities, power plants, waste management, water supply networks, information systems, schools, hospitals, libraries crime detection, and many other community services.

Smart cities would be like a real paradise on earth for its dwellers. They aren’t just dreams or concepts of the future. Some of them are existing already and many are in the process. With the discovery of Internet human beings have connected themselves to the Internet. Now, in these Smart cities, thanks go to the Internet of things (IoT) to make it possible.

In Smart Cities, a framework of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) will be installed. It will intelligently connect different objects and machines and transmit their data through the cloud and wireless technology. All of the IoT devices will receive, analyze and manage the data and will use it to help citizens, enterprises, and municipalities to improve the quality of life and to make appropriate decisions based on authentic and reliable information.

The citizens of Smart cities will have to get connected with the ecosystem of the city through a lot of electronic and mobile devices. They would be able to connect their cars, homes and household IOT based things to the ecosystem. This will give accurate data to the main database which will help and improve the physical infrastructure of the city.

IoT is going to help communities and citizens to improve a lot of services like energy distribution, decrease their traffic congestion and in the number of other things. Even it will improve the quality of air around you.

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