Smartphones are going to help us pandemics like Covid-19


Smartphones are going to help us pandemics like Covid-19

One of the options for dealing with Covid-19, as suggested by expertise to do contact tracing. The problem with us as a human being is that we can’t remember all those contacts we have come across in the previous 14 days. Contact tracing is a service that can be provided on our mobile phones to enable us to remember our previous contacts.

  • In case of coronavirus we have to consider contacts we physically made in last 14 days. So that those people will take an extra care of themselves. One way is to simply just text them but it is possible that you came across many people whose contact number is not in your contact list.
  • The second option on which experts are having debates is the GPS tracking system but it will invade the privacy of that person. And even in GPS can’t work underground, flats, Indoor accurately.
  • The third option on which some experts have agreed to allow a QR code to all persons who are visiting hotels or public places. Still, you can trace the person up to the gate of that place. We don’t know anything about the people he’s having contact inside.
  • The most advanced option, which is discussed by expertise using Bluetooth. If you are carrying a Bluetooth mobile. It will generate an anonymous key on getting a connection with another Bluetooth device. And if you got any pandemic. This will automatically send a message only to those contacts with whom you came across in last 14 days.  After 14 days key will become invalid. This will not invade any privacy, it will give you no location of the person you came across, and it can easily be done on your mobile devices. Only one drawback is there that all those people who came across your contact might not be having smartphones or smartphones having the supportive version of Bluetooth.

This last option is under consideration by many experts. The only thing people have, to do to buy or purchase a smartphone with the appropriate Bluetooth that is the most advanced Bluetooth to support this system. We hope that in future smartphones are going to play an important role in saving us from pandemics like coronavirus.

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