The Demand for Pharmacist Job and Its Future in Canada

The Demand for Pharmacist Job and Its Future in Canada

The pharmacist job is the best option for those willing to work in the healthcare industry without going to medical College or University. The pharmacist’s job is to provide medication to the customers and the community to make them feel better. Moreover, according to the job bank of Canada, there is an increasing future demand for pharmacists in Canada.

Job Description of Pharmacist in Canada:

In Canada, working as a pharmacist could be a unique type of opportunity. The career demands good communication skills and multitasking. While working as a pharmacist, communication skill plays an essential role in making contact with the patients and colleagues or co-workers.

The pharmacist will have to be precise and clear in his words, especially when instructing patients to use their medication or informing them about the warnings or any side effects of medication. Moreover, he also needs to perform delicate tasks where precise and clear communication plays an important role.

The pharmacist should be able to measure accurate proportions when it comes to drugs preparing for patients. In some cases, pharmacists fill in patients’ prescriptions while checking their medical histories. They prepare the medication and also review the prescribed medication, as desired by the doctors. They need to count the pills accurately and label the medication accordingly to the medication.

Wage and Tasks:

For a pharmacist, the daily tasks can be ranged between 8 to 10, which adds to the multitasking skill. It might be possible that within an hour, the pharmacist needs to complete 10 to 12 different tasks that make adaptation to multitasking very important. The salary of the pharmacist may differ from place to place. However, the typical wage of the pharmacist can be $ 91,000 a year. There are more opportunities to increase this amount by lowering different options concerning the pharmacist industry or starting an independent pharmacy can be an excellent way of boosting your profits.

The Line of Work:

The pharmacist has several opportunities in different industries, including the retail sector. Moreover, there are positions for pharmacists at pharmacies and drugstores. Sometimes, the hospital also hires pharmacists’ services to help their patients with proper amounts of medication and drugs.

A pharmacist’s duties are to provide medication according to the prescription, identify medications, explain its purpose to the patient, inform the patients about the warnings and side effects and how often or at what time the patient needs to take medicine. A pharmacist has the legal obligation of counselling the patients and advising the doctor about their prescribed medications.

Job Being a Pharmacist:

It can be challenging and demanding and mainly depends upon the type of the job and responsibilities. Mostly, the stores are hectic, and many people visit to get their prescriptions filled every day. The skillset, including multitasking, paying attention, communicating, problem-solving, patience, and prioritizing tasks, is needed simultaneously. It is pretty hard to become a pharmacist. One will have to go to pharmacy school and even after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy. It is essential to take the national board exam through PEBC (Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada). Then comes the internship program to complete before getting a license to work as a pharmacist. A career as a pharmacist is not easy to pursue because it requires a lot of dedication, time, and education. However, once becoming a licensed pharmacist, a stable career will be waiting for you.

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Pharmacy Assistant Diploma at Bay River College:

Still, if you are interested in starting a career as a pharmacist, our college Bay River College can help you by offering Pharmacy Assistant Diploma Programs.

Pharmacy Assistant:

Plays an essential role in dealing with co-workers, customers, patience, preparing prescriptions, preparing labels, answering phone calls, counting tablets, or resolving an issue needed to pay attention. They also assist the pharmacists in ensuring that medications are quickly prepared and the pharmacy runs smoothly.

Our college program for pharmacy assistants prepares the students to learn all the procedures needed in pharmacy. They know how to do basic calculations and the proper way of doing anatomy. Moreover, they are familiar with the essential terminology of different drugs treating different diseases.

Pharmacy Technician:

The tasks related to pharmacy technicians are more or less the same as a pharmacy assistant. The main difference is that they cannot guide patients and advise the doctors regarding the medication and dosages. They must continue their job under the supervision of a pharmacist. The diploma program enables you to become a pharmacy technician by giving proper education and understanding of medication dispensing, ethics, jurisprudence, and human anatomy. Moreover, working as a pharmacist, pharmacy assistant, and pharmacy technician gives you job security. There is always a high demand for pharmacists’ jobs because people will always need medications.

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