The Most In-Demand Cyber Security Skills in Today’s Job Market

The Most In-Demand Cyber Security Skills in Today's Job Market

The advancement in digital technology had created a massive demand for Cyber Security professionals. According to experts, around 2 million cybersecurity personals jobs will remain vacant by 2022, and there will be no one to fill them. Only in Canada, the IT Security executives are not able to find the required cybersecurity talent. The people applying are not qualified enough, leaving a huge vacuum to fill. Following are some most demanded skills of cybersecurity nowadays.

Application Development Security:

Those cyber Security professionals who are experts in fixing problems after identifying related to software applications are high in demand by well-known companies. The most important skill is to find out Security breaches before deploying the application. In 2025 the demand for this skill will increase 164% throughout the world, making it the most fast-growing skill in demand.

Cloud Security:

The deadly coronavirus pandemic has forced many enterprises, companies, and organizations to manage their workers remotely with new infrastructure designs and tools. Most of them have shifted to cloud data platforms like Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web etc. That also increases the demand for cybersecurity experts who know how to work with cloud-based data platforms and manage their applications safely, according to the recent survey of ISC2 (International System Security Certification Consortium) the top in-demand skill is Cloud Security.

Risk Management:

Hackers are attacking organizations, enterprises and businesses in several new ways, making it impossible to detect the latest attacks; becoming a potential threat for businesses.

The skill of pinpointing the most vulnerable weakness of the defence system is highly in demand. It is essential to manage risk by categorizing the systems according to their importance and to judge the lethal breaches.

The companies most wanted experts who can identify potential risks and their weak points. Moreover, such Security personals can also help mitigate, eliminate or minimize the risk factor. This skill set is the essential asset of multinational companies.

Incident Response:

Security breaches are increasing with every passing day. Only in Canada, every fifth business had been attacked and already faced the problem of Security breach. The cybersecurity professionals concerned with the incident response team are required to respond immediately to data breach incidents, malware, phishing and DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks, etc. It is essential to address the issue from a logical approach by minimizing the damage and protecting the organization. Cyber Security employees should be well aware of developing incident response plans to reduce such incidents.

Access Management:

It is an essential skill of cybersecurity by providing access to business resources to authorized people only. This requires proper verification of even those people who claim to be authorized to access the data. It is essential to have a solid grasp of possible management, access control management, and multifactor authentication further verification by using identity cards and credentials.

Penetration Testing:

This is Security check is done deliberately breaking into the systems of the company. The purpose is to find out all the weak points and possible Security breach areas. That is done by conducting a simulating attack to get the organization prepared for similar attacks. This penetration testing scheme and ethical hacking skills can attract more and more potential employers.

Digital Forensics:

These skills are getting in demand because of an increasing number of data breaches. The skill does the aftermath of cyber-attacks. The companies required these experts to get their lost data back and to stop further similar attacks. It is essential to fully understand 56 investigation processes that will enable you to deal with malicious activities and anomalies involved in networks, operating systems, filing systems and other similar arrears—the skill enables the companies and businesses to improve their cyber Security continuously.

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