Top 5 Reasons: Why Clinical Research Is A Better Career Option?

Top 5 Reasons: Why Clinical Research Is A Better Career Option?

Top 5 Reasons: Why Clinical Research Is A Better Career Option?

The pharmaceutical sector is one of Canada’s most innovative industries. Since 2012, Canada is the 10th largest global market as the nation’s pharmaceutical sales have a 2.0% share.  As the opportunities in the pharmaceutical field continued to grow, employment has increased by 10.5% in the last 5 years across provinces and territories (Statistic Canada, 2019). Relatively, Clinical Research as one of the major branches of the pharmaceutical sector, it brings the most exhilarating chance for people to get involved in this industry. If you are interested in a rewarding career in clinical research, here are the top 5 reasons why it can be a better career option. 

  1. It is a varied role 

You are on a path of continuous progress when working with clinical research. Clinical Researchers are required to adapt to innovative development and upgrade equipment. Aside from collecting data during clinical trials and design models and analysis, you will also need to write reports and deliver clinical trial information to different sectors and healthcare companies. 

  • To develop yourself

As one of the major branches of the pharmaceutical sector, you will gain unlimited amounts of knowledge and experience in clinical research. With a variety of learning chances from the 1 year ACR Post-Graduate Diploma, you will develop your role and push yourself extremely toward excellence in the Applied Clinical Research Area.

  • To help make a difference in people’s lives

The purpose of clinical research is to provide doctors and patients with better medical options. Although not all clinical research can provide drug choices, responsive clinical research can bring longer survival time and better quality of life to some patients. So that these patients are able to spend more time with their family members, children, and love ones.

  • To put your science degree to great use

There is no doubt that clinical research provides a vast amount of career opportunities, but also with tremendous challenges. Clinical research is responsible for ascertaining how safe and effective drugs, devices, and diagnostic products (Chaurasiya, 2020). As such, this is a demanding role with plenty of responsibility riding on it, and it is a great way for people who have a science background to push boundaries, to develop and or test new products (Chaurasiya, 2020).

  • There are a lot of investments in the sector

Canada is globally recognized for the quality and expertise of its research clinicians. Our nation captures 4% of global clinical trials; these clinical trials are supported by strong government support in public research infrastructure including over $667 million investment by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) in health research funding; as well as a world-class contract research sector with extensive capabilities in phase I-IV clinical trials (Government of Canada, 2016).

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