Top 7 Facts About Green Energy You May Not Know Before

Top 7 Facts About Green Energy You May Not Know Before

Top 7 Facts About Green Energy You May Not Know Before

In the war against the climate crisis, green energy is receiving immense importance. It has great potential to tackle dynamic environmental concerns such as global warming, air pollution, acidic water, and so on. Fortunately, renewable energy is a cost-effective and renowned solution to combat the alleviating crisis. Green energy has been around for quite a while, through the Persians produced windmills back in 200 BC. Let’s go through the interesting facts you may not know before.

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  1. Green energy overtakes fossil fuels in terms of employment. For example, the number of people in America working in the energy sector outnumbers those working in the fossil fuels industry by 3:1.
  2. The average income in the renewable energy sector is approximately 8-19% higher compared to the economy average. For people who have just entered the industry earn higher than other relevant occupations.
  3. Green energy is quite competitive than other energy sources. Many renewable energy mechanisms such as wind turbines and solar panels are highly cost-effective and help consumers with low electricity rates.
  4. Renewable sources produced in the year 2018 is approximately 26% of the global electricity.
  5. Green energy enhances practicality and power grid stability. Different renewable energy solutions are less likely to fail and can withstand rough and tough weather conditions. They can spread out over massive areas where other traditional power sources fail to operate.
  6. According to WWF, the entire world can benefit from the power of renewable resources by the year 2050. This may lead to the ending of dependence on fossil fuels and other resources. It can be achieved with the right political, social, and financial decisions.
  7. The Itaipu Dam in Paraguay offers around 76% of the country’s electricity. On the other hand, 17% of the electricity is used in Brazil transferring 67.5 million tons of CO2 per year. In Iceland, 100% of energy is being supplied by hydropower and geothermal sources.

It won’t be exaggerating to say that green energy can the very next game-changer to the world who is currently largely dependent on fossil fuels. You never know when renewable energy will overtake the global energy market. The future of Earth depends on it!

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