What Employers Look for in a Qualified Unit Clerk and Medical Office Administrator

Qualified Unit Clerk and Medical Office Administrator

What Employers Look for in a Qualified Unit Clerk and Medical Office Administrator

Focusing on becoming a medical office administrator and unit clerk provides a series of personal and professional accomplishments when it comes to making a difference in other peoples lives. Pairing the desire for working in a fulfilling career with an expertise program allows individuals to excel in this field.

With the proper training and the correct people skills; however, anyone can learn the skills necessary to become an effective and fantastic unit clerk or medical administrator. Here are some different aspects that medical office admin in Calgary tends to look for when hiring a qualified unit clerk and medical admin.

  1. Patience – the first skill that many employers look for is patience. Most days in the role of a unit clerk and medical admin are varied and different, meaning that any person in this role is going to need to be patient with both their fellow employees as well as patients that they are working with. Possessing the ability to continuously exercise patience and maintain control of their emotions and keep their cool while on the job.
  1. Communication Skills – employers also want to make sure that their potential medical admins and unit clerks are able to relate to the patients and communicate effectively. Medical admins need to be able to talk to fellow employees, their superiors, and patients with an air of confidence and assurance that they know what they are doing, know what they are working with, and can complete tasks. Aside from confidence, there you will also need to accurately relay information so that they can tell patients and their superiors what is happening accurately and correctly.
  1. Organization – another essential skill is organization. The position is often fast paced, can be hectic, and you may be juggling more than one thing at once. As such, it is important that medical admin be able to prioritize tasks to get the most done in the most effective way and the most organized way as possible. It is also essential that you be able to keep track of records, to keep track of what is being done, and to be calm and to be able to get tasks done in an organized manner.
  1. Positive, Energetic Attitude – your attitude can have a significant impact on your workplace, on your fellow employees, and on the patients that you see every day. You want to make sure you have a positive attitude, that you try to smile and be kind and courteous to patients, and that you try to be energetic and upbeat as well. Not all days are going to make you want to smile, but taking the time to be positive certainly helps make each day a little bit better.
  2. Pro-active – the day to day work of a unit is hectic and full of patients and tasks, it is important that you be proactive and be able to take charge and get tasks done as you see they need to be done rather than waiting for your superiors to hold your hand and direct you to do tasks. You should know what is expected of you and be able to complete it in a timely and effective manner so that you can help move the day along that much faster.
  1. Empathy- people that come in contact with a unit clerk and medical admin may not be having their best day, you need to be able to empathize and see that they may not be feeling upbeat, they may not be feeling good, and you should be able to adjust your attitude and work manner to help that. Everyone deserves the best care possible, and this role serves as an important aspect to provide it.

Employers are going to be looking for these traits and more. Having a good idea of what a basic skill set is for a unit clerk and medical administrator can significantly enhance your chances of being selected and standing out from others.

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