What is Applied Clinical Research?

What is Applied Clinical Research?

The COVID-19 epidemic has become a global epidemic. As of August 18, 2020, 123,000 people have been diagnosed in Canada, and 21.8 million people have been diagnosed in the world. Yet, there is always a new problem that arises before the old is solved. To date, there are no specific vaccines or medicines for COVID-19. In order to investigate treatments, Applied Clinical Research becomes one of the most important steps in investigating anti-viral drugs by collecting and analyzing current clinical research data.

What do you need to know?

The Applied Clinical Research program is designed for individuals who are passionate to enhance their knowledge and skills in the field of applied clinical research. There is no doubt that students will face tremendous challenges in this program, but it also creates opportunities for students to gain a competitive edge in this field.

What you will learn?

  • Design and execute health programs.
  • Assist in formulating government health policy by evaluating applicable literature, conduct interviews, collect and analyze data, and make recommendations accordingly.
  • Collect and examine statistical information provided by public and private healthcare organizations and institutions.
  • Monitor and analyze healthcare curriculums by administrative sub-divisions and private agencies.
  • Measure compliance with pre-determined health standards and figure out any corrective action if required.
  • Learn to update and manage diverse health information catalogs.
  • Carry out valuation of multiple health programs and projects.
  • Provide consulting facilities in both government and private institutions.
  • Respond to policy information applications and internal and external programs.
  • Learn ethical and moral practices and implementation.

What are the Benefits of Clinical Research?

Doing clinical research is a valuable learning experience. First of all, you will gain substantial knowledge and additional skills in writing skills, researching skills, caring skills, management skills and team-working skills. Once you have finished the theory hours in class, you will have a better understanding of the research process. By knowing the process, you will have a greater sensitivity to involve in every decision-making phrase. The hands-on experience will also allow you to apply research methods in practice effortlessly. If you are looking for a program with multiple learning and working opportunities, our Applied Clinical Research Program is definitely your #1 choice.

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