The Bay River Difference

Canada is in dire need of skilled workers, but many candidates are turned away because they lack crucial North American experience. Bay River College gives students, both international and domestic, an advantage over the competition by providing them with both a Canadian diploma and valuable work experience through our diverse programs, field placements, co-ops and access to vital networking opportunities across numerous fields and industries.

At Bay River College, we want to create the best possible learning environment for our students. Our programs are designed to give you the on-the-job experience that employers are looking for through practicum training as well as interactive classroom learning where we also provide our students with state-of-the-art technology also used in the “real world” workplace. We will work with you to make sure that your education at Bay River College fits your life, and help you to achieve your career goals!

BRC's library

Student Library

Our Library room is the perfect place for students to read all vast range of books including encyclopedia and their related courses books for references.

Student Lounge

Between classes you can relax with friends in our Student Lounge – a comfortable, friendly place for a quick chat, a bite to eat or something to drink. Our lounge is equipped with a water fountain and a microwave, coffee machine and Vending machine. Bring some traditional food from your country and share it with your friend.

BRC's student lounge

Computer Rooms

Our Computer Rooms are the perfect place to surf the Internet and check e-mail for free, work on class assignments or just play computer games with your friends.

Career Services

The Career Services Department at Bay River College aims to bridge the gap between the classroom and the employment world (market and workplace). Students are taught to understand how to navigate the employment market by utilizing effective tools, skills and ideas in order to gain employment in their field of study

Orientation And Counselling

Bay River College Student Services hosts a monthly student orientation for all new students, both domestic and international, where we walk through a day in the life of a Bay River College. It’s a time for all new students to learn more about their college, program, meet other new students and ask any questions they may have about Bay River.
Not only do we offer high-quality professional education for our students, we also provide strong support in a foreign country through our counselling and activities programs. Bay River College Student Services staff can provide you with information and advice on many subjects including city maps and attractions, banking, shopping, travel, outdoor activities, volunteer job opportunities and many other issues.

Emergency Medical Insurance Plan

All international students must have medical insurance in order to be enrolled at Bay River College. Students are welcome to bring find their own coverage, so long as they provide a copy to college administration to keep in their student file.
International students whose duration of studies is 12 months or more are entitled to the Alberta Health Insurance. It is very important that the student subscribes to the Alberta Health insurance plan as soon as they arrive in Canada. International students whose duration of studies is less than 12 months are not entitled to Alberta Health coverage. Such students are advised to buy private health insurance prior to arrival in Canada.
Students without some form of health insurance will be expected to cover their own visits to hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities in Canada

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