Why Choose Health Care Aide Career?

Why Choose Health Care Aide Career - Health Care Aide Government of Alberta Provincial Curriculum

Why Choose Health Care Aide Career

Students are willing to start a career in the Department of health but cannot afford the university fees and other expenses. Many students face this kind of situation; it becomes challenging to start a career in the healthcare Department. However, all the areas of health care don’t require that much budget.

Career as a Healthcare Aide (HCA) is counted as a front-line role in the healthcare Department. Moreover, the demand is also increasing due to the ageing population of Canada. The positions for healthcare aides are available at hospitals, care providers, health care facilities, and private homes. So it will be an intelligent choice of students to choose a career of which the demand is increasing. Furthermore, they can also fulfill their dream of a career as front-line healthcare workers. Following are some reasons to choose health care aide as a career:

High Demand of Healthcare Aide:

Due to the increased ageing population of Canada, there is a constant high demand for health care aides in Canada. According to the latest government survey, the job outlook of health care aides is very positive because of the high demand for an ageing population. In Canada, the number of senior citizens has exceeded the number of young children. And according to the prediction of statistics, by 2031, one out of four Canadian nationals will be over 65. The same trend can be seen in countries like France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the United Kingdom, where the population of senior citizens is increasing at a fast pace.

The growing number of senior citizens will also increase the demand for specific services, including health care aides’ services. They will be required to help the old-age patients in different aspects to keep them independent as long as possible and keep them in their homes. In most cases, the health care aides develop a special connection between the families of patients, patients, doctors, and nurses. The job of health care aides also shares the burden of health providers by looking after the patients. According to the Government of Canada Job Bank survey report, healthcare aide had a 3/3 star rating job outlook, and the production is about a continuous growth in demand of this carrier in the coming future.

Healthcare Aide a Work of Pride:

Many families rely totally on health care aides to look after their loved ones and provide their daily essentials—still, the duty of Healthcare aides is to provide practical, physical, and emotional support to patients. In most cases, they are not different from family members.

The Healthcare aide job is often very challenging, and it cannot be adequately done without inspiration. The healthcare aides may create a difference in the life of weak and vulnerable patients. Until and unless one can’t feel a deep sense of fulfillment, and worth he can’t be loyal to this career.

We should always be thankful to healthcare aides for their work. They’re helping many patients to live their life independently within their houses. Moreover, they are also giving a sense of personalized attention to the residents of nursing homes because the nurses and doctors cannot deliver that kind of support to them. Whenever our closest family members need such assistance, we always look for healthcare, aides who look after ageing patients and sometimes patients with severe medical conditions and chronic diseases. They consistently earn particular respect for their professional services.

Flexible Working Hours:

Healthcare aides are often very flexible, so much so that you can easily choose your shifts and working hours. You can also work part-time just by selecting the number of patients to want to deal with each week. The career fits precisely those students who are wasting their time sitting idle. And they cannot join a regular rigid 9-to-5 job.

Quick Training Program for Healthcare Aide:

This is a perfect career for those who cannot study at university for an extended period to get a degree. This is an ideal alternative for such students. The healthcare aide training takes only six months, including an internship at a well-known hospital or health care facility.

The certificate program covers almost everything, starting from the techniques of caring for patients, getting their nutrition, and learning human anatomy and psychology. The certificate program also guides us about the social issues and mental health of patients and palliative care. Some good training institutes also provide first aid, CPR, safe food handling, and nonviolent crisis intervention certificates. In most cases, the certificate program lasts for 6 to 8 weeks, and an internship helps to get real-world experience so that the transition to the professional role can occur quickly.

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